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Blake And Harrison Talk It Up After The Scene

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As the cameras roll, Blake and Harrison lay side by side, both completely nude. The two hot guys have just finished filming an intense gay sex scene. In between takes, the interviewer asks them a few questions about their experience shooting the scene. Blake can hardly contain his excitement as he gushes about how amazing it was to fuck Harrison's tight ass. He admits that he had been a bit nervous at first, but once they got started, everything fell into place perfectly.

Harrison, on the other hand, seems more reserved in his responses, although he does admit that he was initially quite intimidated by Blake's massive cock. However, after taking a deep breath and mustering up all of his courage, he ultimately decided to push past those fears and give Blake everything he wanted. As the interview continues, the conversation turns to the financial aspect of the shoot. The two guys reveal that they earned a total of $1,500 for their performance, which they both agree is a pretty decent payday for just one day of work.

In addition to the money, however, both Blake and Harrison also walk away from the experience feeling incredibly fulfilled on a personal level. They both express how grateful they are to have had the opportunity to explore their sexuality in such an intimate and vulnerable way. Harrison especially feels like he gained a deeper understanding of themselves and bottoming.

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