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Drew And Dallas Before The Scene

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Meet Drew, the newest and brokest boy, today matched up with the now-redheaded-Dallas. He's nervous, as can be expected, to film his first-ever porn scene. But it's really Dallas who always gets the raw end of the deal bottoming so many dicks lately.

While Dallas loves his junk food but somehow manages to stay skinny, Drew works hard at his body. He goes to the gym daily and watches what he eats carefully. It shows - he's fucking stunning.

"I'm topping, finally!" Dallas claims. His butthole is too worn out for this fun today. His counterbard, however, is ready to bottom. He's done it before and has been watching Broke Straight Boys since he was a teenager. In fact, one of his greatest aspirations would be to get recognized as a Broke Straight Boy on the street!

Honestly speaking, both of our boys today are going to blow their money. Maybe on food, video games, the occasional piece of work equipment. Regardless, it's their fuck and therefore their choice.

Get a sneak peek at Drew's natural ability to suck cock, as well as a look at his killer bod before watching Dallas fuck him hard.

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