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Zakk, Kyler Benz

Zakk and Kyler are two roommates that were looking to make some cash. I talked to each of them on the phone and then they sent me an email with their pictures. Afterward we setup an appointment for them to come in to do a casting couch. When they arrived I had them do all the paperwork and then move into the shoot room. Doing the introduction that was when they revealed that they were both 19 years old, freshmen in college, living in an apartment off campus, and trying to pay rent. Kyler had more of a skater boy look to him, and was shorter. He admitted to being bi-sexual, just has had limited experience. Zakk on the other hand was more of a swimmer jock type that was straight and never been around another guy naked before. I explained that they both would be doing a little tryout thing in order to see if we would be able to use them in any other future work. Both seemed very nervous and shy, but especial Zakk. Even though we had talked about them jerking off together in the tryout, Zakk still thought for some reason he would be doing it alone. I explained to both of them that if they just jerked off next to each other and with no contact between them that I would give them an extra $100 for doing it. Kyler seemed very down for the idea specially, because their rent was due in just a couple of days. As soon as I got a go ahead, I had them take off their shirts and stand in front of the couch. Kyler stands at 5'6", 120 pounds, has a size 8 shoe, does workout, and has a 7 inch cock. Zakk on the other hand stands 5'11", 140ish pounds, a size 11.5 shoe, works out as well, and says an 8 inch penis. I ask Zakk if he had Asian in him, and that was when he told me that he was half Filipino and white. That would explain why he would have the big penis then. Removing their pants, I had them get down to their underwear and take a seat on the couch to watch bi porn that I had. After about a minute Zakk was the first one to pull his dick out of his underwear, and right away I could see that he had a thick, long dick. Both guys lost their underwear and I told him to jerk off until they were ready to cum, and then just to give me a warning. Using a handful of lube, they seemed to be just keeping their eyes onto the TV for the most part to jerk off. In watching how each of them jerked off Kyler jerked off concentrating on the tip of his dick, while Zakk was more on the shaft. Every once in a while I would hear a moan or something come out of one of them. The first one to shout out a warning was Kyler, and so as I positioned myself for the shot, when he shot his load it sprinkled onto his lower pelvic area and arm. Moving over to Zakk the pressure was on for him to shoot, and his warning only came after a minute or so. He came and his load made a line of cum from his belly button down to the base of his dick. Afterward I told the guys that they did a great shoot, and that I was very happy with it. I asked if they wanted to come back to do some more work, and that I would even split them up if that helped. Kyler was down not just to be with guys, but to make some money to pay the bills. Zakk on the other hand wanted to think about it some, before he gave me an answer. I will just have to see if they want come back for the money.

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