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Zakk, Kyler Benz

After a couple of weeks I talked with Kyler on the phone to see if he was interested in coming back and doing some more work. I knew that Zakk was a little uncomfortable doing the casting couch scene, and I didn't want to really pressure him in doing any shoots. The plan was that Kyler was going to make $600 if he came in to do an oral scene and that was going to pay his half of the rent. It was only about an hour after we got off the phone that I received a call back and it was from Zakk wondering if he could participate in the shoot. I explained to him that I would have to see just who I could pair him up with and to do an oral scene, since that was what I was looking for. There was a pause on the telephone, and then the voice on the other side asked if he could do it with Kyler to be more comfortable. Later that week the two of them showed up at my door and they both seemed a lot more relaxed and actually Zakk seemed a little more talkative in person. We moved over to the couch and they took a seat, so that we could get started. Starting the cameras it was a slow start and beginning with introductions. Talking about what they did in their shoot, and how they were managing paying their bills while Zakk was looking for a job. Kyler has a part time job in the evenings, and Zakk happened to fuck a MILF (Mom I'd Like to Fuck) and she paid him $100. That was when I brought up a teaser in that they were going to try anal for the first time in the shoot and both seemed a little shocked. I really didn't want Zakk to get up and walk out, so I told him about the plan for the shoot. Both of them were going to give and receive oral and make a whopping $600 a piece. That would pay for next month's rent if they didn't spend it all. Kyler was also going to go first in giving oral, and he let it be known that he had only tried giving it twice before. Stripping out of their clothes, and taking a seat on the couch their hands automatically started playing with themselves to get hard. Zakk seemed to be having some trouble, and so I told him to sit back and relax. Maybe some dick sucking would do the trick, and I instructed Kyler to give it a shot. Leaning over he took the cock in his mouth and started sucking. I was so glad to see that he was able to get hard, and with more ease from the oral. Kyler seemed to be okay with how big the cock was in his mouth, he just wasn't able to deep-throat very far. That would take some practice before that would happen. After a while though, it seemed like it was Zakk's turn to give it a shot, and so Kyler sat back on the couch. Giving a couple of pointers, Kyler said not to use teeth, and to just suck. Following those two simple rules Zakk took the limp cock in his mouth and sucked stretching it out. After a moment the dick started to fill with blood, and I was able to tell that Kyler's dick bent a little to the left. Trying something else, both guys gave handjobs sitting on the couch trying to watch the porn. I was starting to think that maybe Zakk would be able to get Kyler off, just because he proved to be using some different techniques when stroking. Both went to just jerking themselves off and it wasn't 30 seconds later that Kyler was ready to shoot. I moved in and his load repeated just what he did in the casting couch shoot. He sprinkled cum up into the air landing all over his lower abs. Zakk then shot his load as well, and it was more than in his first shoot. I was very happy with the two of them and how well they were doing so far at being in front of the camera. My hopes are that they will come back and do some more work in a few weeks after they get home and have a break. It makes me wonder if they tried any of the stuff from the shoots at home when they're alone. We just have to wait to find out.

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