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Getting To Know Matt Heron

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A handsome 24-year-old from Columbia, Matt Heron is a bisexual-leaning-straight man who grew up in Miami. He often dated girls in high school, with his first sexual experience at 16 with a girlfriend. Around 19, Matt began exploring his sexuality and attraction to men. After a string of dating women, Matt found the adult industry and began his own channel, covering the gambit of solo, with women, and with men.

This soft-spoken sexual explorer has sex with guys on camera, but not so much in his personal life. But his year in the industry has really allowed him to have an alter ego as a versatile top. Being at the Broke Straight Boys studio, Matt has already filmed two scenes, one as top, the other as bottom. These sexy scenes are going to be available in to coming weeks - so check them out!

While sexually attracted to both men and women, Matt Heron is really looking for the right person to partner with for the long term. The 20-something hesitates to predict the future, so instead he shares some of his sexual experiences - experimenting with BDSM and the many other kinks available.

Matt hopes the members have a great time watching his first scenes on BSB, and invites us to follow him on Twitter at @MattHeronXXX. Even though he waits to see what the future has in store, it is safe to say members will get to see a lot more of this handsome Floridian.

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