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Zakk, Kyler Benz

The roommates are back!!! Zakk and Kyler called me back only a couple of days after they did the oral scene together and they wanted to see what they would have to do in order to get another shoot. I didn't beat around the bush with them I wanted to see them fuck. The response they gave me was that they wanted some time to think about it, and they would let me know. The following day after our phone call, I got a call that said that they would do anal and they had it all figured out. We setup a time for them to come by the studio in order to do a shoot. Since both had done two shoots so far, they were a little more relaxed. I had discovered just before I turned the camera on that Zakk was going to be getting fucked by Kyler the bi boy. Right after I started filming I had to call them out on what they just told me. Zakk the straight boy was going to take a dick up the ass for the first time, and we were going to get it on camera. Kyler said that he prefers to top, and honestly I just think that he hasn't had the right opportunity come along to try bottoming yet. We talked about how they had spent pretty much all the money that they had done shoots for in order to pay for rent. I explained to both of them that the guy who bottoms would make $1500 for the shoot, while the one that tops would make $1000. Still they would be walking out of the studio with a bunch of money in their pockets. Zakk said that he was just a little nervous about how things were going to go with doing the anal. I told him to relax and that the first thing we had to do was have them take off their shirts. Standing there in front of me were both of their bare chests exposed and both guys are in great shape and had very nice abs. Next to hit the floor was their pants and I saw that both had on a pair of boxers. To make them relax a little more I had them take a seat on the couch, while I put on bi porn for them to watch. Stroking their dicks for a few minutes, I had them take off their underwear so that we could see their dicks. Zakk had a monster cock that was on its way to being a HUGE rock hard cock. I even had him stand so that I could get a good shot at how big it was. Now, I understood why Kyler was a little scared to take that up his ass if he was to bottom. Since Kyler was having a little difficulty in getting hard, I had Zakk help him out with some oral. Leaning over to his side he put the skater's dick in his mouth and started to suck. Kyler was turned on by the blow job and rubbed Zakk's back and neck. The straight guy who had only sucked dick once before was doing a great job, because Kyler's dick was getting harder than before. After a while though I had them switch so that way Zakk could get his dick sucked, before he had to have a dick shoved up his tight, virgin asshole. Zakk's dick was already almost hard before the oral started. Watching Kyler swallow the cock he was able to put it all down his throat. Using both his hand and mouth Kyler was making Zakk moan and thrust his hips up off the couch for more. When the two of them sat up and looked at me like what was next, I didn't hesitate in asking if they were ready to start the fucking. Really directing the question to Zakk, but he seemed to be. Getting the couch into the bed, we had everything in place, and I tried to give Kyler a few minutes to just watch the porn and get his dick hard. Zakk put some lube on his ass and got in the doggie-style position to start the fucking. Kyler moved in behind him and tried a couple of times to push his dick in Zakk's asshole, however he couldn't stay hard enough to get through. It seemed like his nerves were getting the best of him. Even though he was bi, and was enjoying the shoots he was doing, Kyler still didn't know about crossing that line with his friend/roommate. Money was still the issue and both of them needed it, so Kyler made the decision that he would try bottoming. The two guys traded places on the bed and Zakk was ready to start push his way in Kyler's hole. Zakk was only able to get about a couple inches in before, Kyler freaked out about the pain. If we could get half the cock in, the rest was going to go fine. Reaching back Kyler directed the cock deep into his ass and then waited, but as soon as Zakk tried to pull back his dick came out. Trying something else, we got Zakk to lay down on the bed, and Kyler in more of a position to ride the cock. This position worked out much better and the two of them were enjoying it. Zakk even admitted that it felt good. Trying one more position, Kyler laid on his back and put his legs up in the air. Now, that it seemed like Kyler was relaxed, Zakk was able to fuck like he would a pussy. Pumping in and out things started to get rough between them, and Kyler actually came while getting fucked. However, Zakk never stopped fucking and he wanted to keep going. Pounding faster and deeper now, he was turned on and wanted to fuck. All of a sudden he pulled out quickly, took off the condom and busted a huge load right onto Kyler's stomach. Putting a huge puddle right in the middle, and to finish up the shoot I had them do a little kiss to bring it to a close.

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