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Ashton And Brian After The Scene

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Freshly legal, Brian Star is coming onto the adult scene armed with his most attractive characteristics - kind, cute and innocent. Brian celebrated his 18th birthday last August in LA and is using his new-found independence to learn about young adulthood. He doesn't spend much time socializing and going out to clubs, and much of what he knows about sex has come from his limited experiences with girls and watching gay porn.

Brian's sexuality began to develop at age 13, with an almost-nightly straight porn ritual. Then Queer as Folk threw in a curve ball, as Brian realized watching two men make out also gave him a hard on. For much of his early teen years, he saw himself as gay, until in 2016 he realized he was a true bisexual.

Not much is typical about this budding Star, except for the night he lost his virginity - a true boy-meets-girl story that includes a high school party, a drunk fuck and a good time.

So how did this Utah kid go from having sex with a girl to bottoming in gay porn? Well, after a series of trial and error in stripping, the twink landed himself an agent in the XXX industry where Broke Straight Boys got its newest model.

For his first two scenes, Brian was very nervous - and for good reason. Not only was this the first time his explicit acts had been filmed, but it was the first time he had had sex with guys! While he isn't opposed to trying to top one day, he greatly enjoys the feeling of sitting on a dick and having control over the throbbing cock filling him up. "I really enjoyed it." He remarks. "I really liked having his cock in me."

It's evident Broke Straight Boys has found a unique amatuer. Innocent, yet daring. Someone who won't let nerves get in the way of new experiences. The upcoming scenes featuring Brian Star are sure to keep you cumming for more!

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