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Ethan Crosses The Line And Fucks His Best Friend Grey

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Ethan Steel, Grey Gold

After Ethan gets blue-balled from the night before, he wakes up next to Grey very horny. As Ethan starts jerking off, Grey becomes tempted at the thought of helping his bud out, and before long, he moves his mouth onto Ethan’s long hard cock. Grey enjoys watching his friend polish his cock, then gets on his knees and gladly returns the favor. As the boys take turns sucking each other off, Ethan asks Grey if he wants to fuck. Grey is hesitant at first but agrees, only if Ethan doesn’t tell anyone…

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Grey exclaims while on all fours, while trying to relax as Ethan pushes his long dick inside. Once relaxed, Grey moans in deep pleasure as Ethan towers over him, thrusting faster from behind. Grey then gets on his back and gets pounded by Ethan, who is on top of him going deeper. Each thrust gets Grey closer and closer until he shoots a warm load on his chest. Ethan pulls out and aims at Grey’s face, but shoots into his hair! They seal their encounter with a kiss.

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Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Grey Gold and Ethan Steel.


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