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Raver Plays The Meat Flute And Gets His Hole Stuffed

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Rowan Hunter, Grey Gold

“You have a big dick dude” Grey tells Rowan as he pulls out the punk rocker’s dick from his jeans and begins putting his mouth on it. Rowan lies on his back, clothes still on, while he hears Grey’s throat expand to make room for his large cock. Once they fully strip, the boys please each other at the same time, sucking each other in a 69 position. But Rowan wants to keep forcing his cock down Grey’s throat, so he teabags him on the side of the bed and enjoys watching Grey choke.

Grey really wants that big dick in his ass, and eases himself onto Rowan to ride him. The look on his face is pure enjoyment as he grinds on Grey’s dick, before going on all fours and taking it doggy style. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow first” Rowan assures Grey as he thrusts his hard cock inside Grey and pulls his hair.

When Rowan gets Grey on his back and pounds him missionary, it’s enough for him to shoot a big load high on his chest. Then the punk rocker pulls out and cums all over Grey. They breathe deep while Grey lies there, completely covered.

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