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Straight Guys Are Down For Gym Bro Fuck

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Bentley Layne, Jordan Cruz

After an intense workout, Jordan and Bentley head back to the room to relax and cool off. However, both of them are extremely horny, and it doesn’t take much for Jordan to persuade Bentley into messing around. He leans in to kiss Bentley, and within seconds he is on his knees with Bentley’s dick in his mouth. Bentley lies back in absolute pleasure watching his friend suck him off. “Fuck working out with my girlfriend dude. This is so much better!” Bentley tells Jordan, just before putting Jordan’s large dick in his mouth and blowing him.

Jordan gets behind Bentley and eases his dick in his hole, causing Bentley to grunt hard. He didn’t expect Jordan’s dick to be so big! Jordan stretches his hole as he pounds him harder. Bentley gets on his back and breathes hard as Jordan slides his cock in deeper. Feeling his ass getting nailed keeps Bentley rock hard until he busts a load all over his chest. Seeing his friend cum gets Jordan to shoot his load all over Bentley. “I’ve been saving that since the gym dude” Jordan tells Bentley as he catches his breath.

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