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Bentley Layne Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 160
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Uncut
  • Performer Rating: 4.52/5

In his own words:

"I've been a hustler all my life and my passion is video production, especially in the music video genre. Can't wait to see where life takes me next. "

Our comments:

"Bentley loved to tell us stories of his adventures in life. Always great conversation with 'em "

  • Marcus And Bentley After The Scene

    Bentley got his dominant fix, and Marcus was glad to let him have it. The boys catch their breath and reflect on their chemistry. And doing donuts in Marcus’ Camero.

  • Bentley Pounds Marcus Hard

    Bentley and Marcus waste no time getting their hands on each other. Marcus is ready to give his ass up to Bentley, and Bentley is ready to give it to him hard.

  • Marcus And Bentley Before The Scene

    Marcus asked to be with Bentley, and it happened. Find out where Bentley is moving to, how the desert relates to both guys, and who gets to show off his nice ass as the boys sit down with us.

  • Jordan And Bentley After The Scene

    The boys worked out, and then gave each other a workout. Jordan and Bentley talk to us about how it felt, and how Bentley felt when Jordan’s dick was inside him.

  • Gym Bro Fuck

    When Jordan and Bentley get done with their workout, they work up a sweat...and are very horny afterwards. Just before they shower, the boys release their pent up energy on each other

  • Jordan And Bentley Before The Scene

    Bentley tells us about his earlier experiences being a bottom, and his journey to becoming more comfortable with it. Jordan suggests going to the gym before the two have fun, knowing that he will be very horny after a workout.

  • Charlie And Bentley After The Scene

    Looks like the chemistry, and Charlie’s cologne, really worked in this scene with our guys Bentley and Charlie. They sit down with us and tell us how they felt about the scene, and each other, before they hit the showers.

  • Bentley Fucking Charlie Bareback

    Bentley wants a piece of Charlie bad, and Charlie wants to show off more of his oral skills. The boys please each other with a blow job, before Bentley lets Charlie have his bare cock on all fours.

  • Charlie And Bentley Before Scene

    Bentley returns to us and sits down with Charlie to talk safe practices, how far he’ll go with a guy, and his interest in feet. Charlie wants to explore further, and we think he met a good match.

  • Bentley And Aiden After The Scene

    Bentley is tired after being dominated by a hot marine. He tells us how he loves having his ass played with, while Aiden shows us how much he loves Bentley’s tattoos.

  • Going To Make You Curl Your Toes

    Muscular newbies Aiden and Bentley warm each other up with their feet and their mouths. Then Aiden turns up the heat by giving Bentley a piece of his marine cock, showing him who’s taking orders.

  • Bentley And Aiden Before The Scene

    Aiden and Bentley are already fondling each other with their feet on the couch. Does one of them have another set of balls? And while both of these boys have played top and bottom, find out who is fucking who this time…

  • Nico And Bentley After The Scene

    Bentley is thirsty after getting fucked, and gets the beer he deserves. Nico may want to bottom after being the top a few times, and Bentley definitely enjoyed his first time getting pounded. Hear what else these boys have to say before they clean up.

  • Nico Nova Fucks Bentley Layne

    Nico offers Bentley a drink, not realizing that he is the one that Bentley wants to taste. The boys please each other orally before Nico takes control and has Bentley biting the sheets as he fucks him hard.

  • Nico And Bentley Before The Scene

    Nico and Bentley bond over cars, their tattoos, and talk about their romantic desires. The latin lover quickly becomes intrigued by Bentley. The boys get close rather quick, but are due to become closer when their clothes come off.

  • Bentley And Richie After The Scene

    After a hot scene, the boys catch their breath and chat with us. Has Richie been with a guy with kids before? And how much do the guys want to give the other? We get their thoughts before they shower.

  • Bentley Layne Pounding Richie West

    Tall Richie pairs up with hot newcomer Bentley in this hot scene. Richie opens his throat to take Bentley’s long dick in his mouth, then opens his hole for a good pounding. An aggressive, must-see scene that leaves both of them, and us, catching our breath

  • Bentley And Richie Before The Scene

    Richie is back with us after a year, and we paired him up with Bentley for some fun. Find out which position Bentley likes better, and who is into superheroes.

  • Interview With Gay Porn Star Bentley

    Newcomer Bentley Layne catches up with him in between filming his first few scenes to tell us more about his love life, as well as his love for porn.

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  • MineRaske on 09/12/2021

    Bentley is one of the most sexy, beautiful guys I have seen. He is both witty and intelligent, he must make a fantastic father, his kids are lucky to have him. He has a small yet sexy bottom which is both fuckable and rimmable. He has one shortcoming though, he lacks a hairy crack, though his pubic hair is fantastic yet it is trimmed. Let it grow naturally.

    • SFPS01 on 05/09/2021

      The number 2 stud in the entire stable of BSB. Very close to the number 1 (Nico)...Love Bentley

      • br6205 on 04/25/2021

        Great versatile player among BSB's best

        • Alanning694 on 03/14/2021

          It's too bad Bentley would much rather be doing straight porn!

          • br6205 on 04/11/2021

            Why dpo these models do guy sex, because the money is much better!

            • Taylordean on 05/19/2021

              Yes indeed ..Gay for pay..

            • quebrado on 03/11/2021

              YES....................! FIVE ***** STARS

              • endlessrush on 03/10/2021

                Such a fan of Bentley, so glad that he's found a home here at BSB