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Lil Bro Big Bro Who Is Going To Get Fucked

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Marcus Rivers, Jordan Cruz

Wasting no time, the boys start things off with a passionate kiss on the futon. Both of them feel on each other and engage in hot foreplay, which leads to Jordan showing Marcus how he sucks dick. Marcus moans as Jordan swirls his tongue around Marcus’ dick, showing off his oral skills. Marcus then gets Jordan on his back and goes down on him. He sucks Jordan’s cock in long, slow strokes. “That’s fuckin good! Nice, wet mouth” Jordan says between relaxed breaths.

Marcus bends over and lets Jordan lick all around his hole. “Ohh, that feels good” he tells Jordan, who is putting his tongue deeper in. When Marcus’ hole is nice and ready, he sits on Jordan’s dick and rides him reverse. Jordan pulls him closer while fucking him, grabbing his chest and playing with his nipples. Marcus loves letting Jordan take control, and continues submitting to him on all fours.

Jordan mounts over Marcus and fucks him doggy style, stroking and pounding away. He gets close and pulls out, shooting his warm load all over Marcus’ back. Then Jordan pulls Marcus up and helps him cum by pinching his nipples, causing Marcus to cum all over the sheets. They cool down and take a breath, holding each other and smiling in satisfaction.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Jordan Cruz and Marcus Rivers.

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