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Charlie Fucks Johnnys Tight Straight Boy Hole

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Johnny Hunter, Charlie Knox

The boys waste no time, leaning into each other on the couch with a kiss. Shirts are already off, so Charlie takes it a step further by unzipping Johnny’s shorts and going straight for his dick. Johnny starts to moan as Charlie sucks  his dick, running his hands through Charlie’s curly hair. “Let me show you what I can do” Johnny says to Charlie as they switch places. He puts Charlie’s dick in his mouth and slowly works on it, while Charlie sits back and bites his lip. He loves feeling Johnny’s warm mouth on his shaft.

At that moment, Johnny gets on his hands and knees while Charlie gets behind him. Charlie sticks his hard cock inside Johnny and begins fucking him doggy style on the couch. He grabs Johnny’s shoulders while he pounds him faster, loving how his ass feels. He then flips him over onto his back and continues fucking him good. Johnny loves how Charlie’s large cock feels inside him. “Let me fuck that hole” Johnny asks, and the two flip so that Johnny can have a piece of Charlie’s ass. Charlie feels himself close while he’s getting railed on his back, and Johnny pulls out so they can bust their loads together. They finish and lie next to each other on the couch, both covered in cum.

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