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Getting To Know Jordan Cruz

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We have a new member of our BSB family who bears a charming smile, a charismatic demeanor, tattoos up and down his arms, and a lot of sexual energy. Meet Jordan Cruz, the 25-year old from Connecticut who is all fun for business. He tells us how he is so athletic, playing various sports as a kid and taking up weightlifting as a teenager. He almost became a personal trainer, and with his look and way of winning people, he may end up doing it. Jordan is gay-for-pay, but says he has a high sex drive, as evidenced by his confession of getting a boner in the grocery store after looking at a nice ass. He lost his virginity as a teenager, though he admits he didn’t know what he was doing, and since then has done group sex before. With all of his sexual curiosity we would’ve thought he had an OnlyFans account, but he wants to explore without the hassle of managing his own content. Jordan has a lot to bring to our site, and we can’t wait to see his playful energy in the bedroom with the other guys.

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