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Bsb Party Series Pt 4Add Movie to your Favorites
Tyler Evans, Nelson, Austin Grant, Danny

After the second night of parting the guys decided that they were going to go back to Nelson's hotel room to do another shoot to make some money. Austin was the one that took charge of the scene and had grabbed the camera. With Nelson, Danny, and Tyler sitting on the bed, all three boys started off talking about the party that they had just came from. This time they didn't look as drunk and tired as the night before. The first order of business that Austin decided, was what each of the boys was going to do in the scene. Austin made Danny bottom again, and right away Danny spoke up about how come he always had to be the bitch. In Austin's response was that Danny needs to not be so shy, and to be a little more aggressive. The other boys were going to top Danny in order of smallest dick to largest dick to make it easier on Danny. For sure, the one thing that I can say is that the guys are a little more relaxed on video with having me out of the room and shooting themselves. They were more in a joking manner with one another, giving Danny a hard time of how his hole was going to be after the shoot. To get started all three guys stripped off their shirts, and the plan was that they were just going to suck some cock to begin with. Giving Danny some attention first to get him excited about what was going to be coming for him. Stripping completely down, they were a little slow moving. Nelson stepped up and put Danny's cock in his mouth, while Tyler sat to the side playing with himself. Austin didn't let Tyler sit still for long before telling him to play with Danny's nipples. One thing was for sure that Nelson knew how to suck cock, because he had Danny rock hard. In watching Nelson, he was able to swallow the whole thing in his mouth at one time. Deep-throating proved to be a turn on for Danny as he grabbed the back of Nelson's head. Then, the boys switched and Tyler took the cock in his mouth, and he wasn't able to get all the dick in his mouth. Tyler still did a good job, while Nelson licked Danny's balls. After a while the boys moved around and Tyler sat back as Nelson gave him head. Tyler too got rock hard from the blow job that Nelson gave. In watching Tyler's face he looked like he was enjoying every moment of it. Nelson wanted to get all of them doing something, so he had Danny suck on Tyler. Nelson went back to sucking on Danny and all the guys had hard, throbbing cocks. Austin even had pulled out his cock and was jerking off to the guys on the bed. All of them seemed to be turned on and horny, so Austin told them to start the fucking. Danny was a little curious as to the color of the condom for that shoot. However, they found some clear ones to use instead, and so Danny moved into place getting on his back. Tyler was the first one to go, after he got the condom on the guys got lubed up. Sticking his dick in Danny's hole seemed easier with him more relaxed after the second day in a row of getting fucked. Tyler was able in one slow motion to push his cock all the way in. Tyler started to fuck Danny's ass a little bit harder and faster, as he got turned on. In watching Danny's face it grew redder with every pounding. Nelson didn't just want to stand there, so he moved to the other side and sucked on Danny's cock. Danny was getting all kinds of action at the same time. After a while though, it was time for them to switch and Nelson to get to do some fucking. As Nelson pushed it dick in Danny's asshole, he caused him to moan from the sensation. In watching Nelson, he's not just a pro at sucking cock, but it looks like fucking as well. He put one of Danny's legs up against his chest and turned a little to the side as he fucked. This allowed him to get it much deeper into Danny's ass. Danny knew that the dick was going more inside, because he was moaning really loud. Tyler was up on his knees to the side of Danny jerking off to trying to shoot his load. Sure enough it didn't take him long to spray his load all over Danny's chest. After that, Austin wanted a chance to fuck Danny and shoot his load. He handed Tyler the camera and hopped on the bed, and got right to work. He started fucking as soon as he had lube on. Austin kept up the fucking, and it was hot to watch them all taking their turn in gang banging Danny's ass. It took Danny a bit, but sure enough he was able to get his dick hard and shoot a load as well. He came right on himself, and as soon as he was done Nelson sucked the cum from the tip of his cock. Austin pulled out and started to jerk his cock off. Both Nelson and Austin were stroking their cocks pretty fast and it seemed like it could almost be a tie with both getting off at the same time. Moving closer to Danny's body, Austin shot his massive load with several squirts right up Danny's chest covering him in cum. Listening to Austin he was a little out of breath after that orgasm and it took him a while to catch his breath. Last to get off was Nelson, and he had a pretty good load that he squirted on the side of Danny. After all of that Danny had become a human cum rag covered in hot, sticky cum. The guys were hot, tired, and sweaty after that workout. All of them wanted to jump in the shower to get cleaned up before they headed home. There was only one party left after that, and so they needed their rest. They were excited to sell me the video and make some more money. All of them did a great job in the shoot, and I hope that you get turned on watching them.

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