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Tattooed Stud Fucks Guy With No Tats In His Hole Bareback

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Cody Smith, Blake Ellis

Blake Ellis and Cody Smith are ready to get it on and we don’t keep them waiting too long, letting them get at each other as they start to kiss.  But Cody has a better use for his mouth as he teases Blake’s cock with it before pulling off Blake’s underwear and swallowing that prick.  Cody sucks on that cock and then lets Blake taste his meat next as he stands up and lets Blake deepthroat him, getting Cody’s member hard and ready for some ass. 

Bending over, Blake gives Cody his ass and Cody pushes inside with his naked cock, fucking Blake over the chair as Blake takes every inch of that fat dick. Sitting down on the couch and pulsing Blake on top of him, Cody lets Blake ride him raw, pushing back against that big dick as he strokes his own cock.  They reposition on the couch so that Cody can get deeper, up to his balls in Blake’s tight hole making him moan as he pounds into him over and over until Cody pulls out and cums hard.  Blake works his own cock with his hand  until he lets loose his own big load, stroking his member until he’s fully spent.

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