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Cody Smith

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  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 160
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.59/5

In his own words:

"I am adventurous. I am very much a people pleaser. I listen to rap music and enjoy fishing and hiking. "

Our comments:

"Cody is a mans man for sure. He has that rugged bad boy look, but when you get to know him you will find out that he is one of the kindest guys you will ever meet. "

  • After The Scene Ryan And Cody

    Cody just got done getting fucked hard by Ryan, and as he recovers we take a moment to catch up with these guys about the scene!

  • Ryans Cock Deep Inside Cody Smith

    Ryan Parks takes his hard cock and sticks it deep inside Cody Smith in this very sexy condom-less scene!

  • Before The Scene Ryan And Cody

    Both Ryan and Cody prefer to top, but one of these studs is about to take a dick! See who it is and how they prepare for their scenes in this behind the scenes interview!

  • After The Scene Cody And Casey

    Cody and Casey lead their own after the scene discussion as they talk about what was challenging for them and what went well!

  • Cody Smith Pounding Casey Owens

    Cody teases Casey's cock and ass with his wet tongue, getting him ready for that dick before climbing in bed and fucking him with his thick raw shaft!

  • Before The Scene Cody And Casey

    In this before the scene chat, we find that Casey and Cody don't know much about one another. But that's okay, because these guys are about to get a whole lot closer!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Cody

    Calhoun and Cody snuggle together as they revisit their favorite parts of a very successful and sexy scene!

  • Omg Your Hole Is So Tight Bro

    These boys getting down and dirty with each other. Calhoun sucking Cody's cock like no other before sticking it in his tight hole for a rough fuck!

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And Cody

    Cody and Calhoun are rested and ready to fuck...but before that, they get to sit and talk with us first! See what they have to say about what it's like working with younger models, as well as their preferences when in front of the cameras!

  • After The Scene Cody And James

    In this post-scene interview, James and Cody tell us their experiences during this super hot scene!

  • Cody Pounding James Tight Ass Raw

    Cody Smith and James Dawn start off kissing each other until James takes the initiative to suck on Cody's long shaft.

  • Before The Scene Cody And James

    Before these guys fuck, Cody and James share with us their thoughts on watching their own scenes...their answers might surprise you!

  • After The Scene With Jos And Cody

    Jos and Cody are still stroking their cocks when we roll the camera and get their input on their scene together!

  • Jos Eats Codys Ass Then Spreads It

    Jos eats Cody's ass then spreads it apart and pushes his cock inside, fucking him bareback as Cody moans for more!

  • Before The Scene With Jos And Cody

    Jos and Cody join us for a few minutes to talk about their scene and what they've been working on...see what these sexy guys have to say!

  • Ryan Pounding Tattooed Cody Smiths Ass

    Cody Smith gets his ass fucked deep and hard by Ryan, who fills that tight ass with his hot cum!

  • These Studs Release Sexual Frustration

    Derek Cline takes Cody's dick balls deep inside his ass. Fucking doggy-style and missionary until they both release their sexual frustration.

  • Kace Deep Fucks Cody Smith's Man Hole

    Kace Axel goes deep when he fucks Cody's tight man hole, but Cody takes it like a pro. Watch these two studs have gay sex with each other.

  • Tattooed Stud Fucks Guy With No Tats

    Blake Ellis is back, this time paired with Cody Smith's big cock to get fucked! Watch these guys fuck each other and cum.

  • Older Guy Cody Shows Younger Tanner

    Tanner Valentino is back, we pair him with the very sexy Cody Smith to fuck him doggy-style!

  • Ethan Dominating Cody Smiths Hole

    Ethan Steel fucks Cody Smith without mercy, pounding and dominating his tight hole until they both cum hard!

  • Cody Going Doggy Style With Malakai

    Today we pair Cody Smith with the new sexy young man Malakai White. We hope you enjoy Cody taking Malakai's beautifully tight ass!

  • Jos Deep Throating Codys Prick

    Jos Alvarez lets Cody Smith pound his tight ass, taking him raw all over the couch as Jos moans for more!

  • Marcus Bottoms For Cody Smith

    Marcus bottoms for Cody, letting him fuck him hard and raw as he gets pounded until he cums!

  • Rap Music Lover Cody Smith Busts His Nut

    New Guy Cody shows off his big cock and strokes until he comes!

  • Married To A Girl Divorced Then Gay Porn

    In this free bonus behind the scenes update: we show you our newest guy, Cody Smith, and invite you to learn more about him as we see what this cute guy is all about!

Comments - Member's Only

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  • dnutz355 on 10/25/2021

    Is he ever coming back?

    • GertXXL on 07/22/2020

      Great Cock

      • Gejnpa17 on 06/28/2020

        Cody 100%.

        • Ahills26 on 06/20/2020

          Love it - Jos and Cody - two of the best~

          • Bartirah on 03/11/2020

            I love his energy. All his scenes are really hot!

            • br6205 on 02/12/2020

              From his body of work he is both good at it & likes guy sex.

              • roderick2017 on 02/08/2020

                Deliciously handsome, hairy and versatile. Can't ask for more. You're an amazing asset to BSB. Please keep shooting hot scenes for us.

                • martingay on 01/28/2020

                  Cody, I wrote the following elsewhere but I wanted to make sure you see it. You are so handsome you make my blood boil! You two (you and Jos) are wonderful together. Throw in Calhoune and it would be the most sensitive 3-way ever. I want to tell you guys something. To me you are not just porn stars, you are my friends and knowing that you are doing well makes me very happy. I've never had a body of which I was proud to show so when I watch you move and your body parts do this and that, I just marvel in how beautiful you are--each in a different way. If I offered to increase my monthly fee, could you talk management into putting you up more often? Thanks for what you do and I can't see you as straight and I mean that as a compliment.

                  • jwhite11209 on 01/02/2020

                    You are hot, Cody. If you ate some cum, you would be even hotter.

                    • martyP2019 on 12/01/2019

                      Newcomer Cody Smith, become my favorite, love this dude with this nice tattoes on his hairy chest and body. Cody is hot as hell, love to see him sucking off and rimming off his buddies. Plse bring Cody Smith back soon on stage, this 26 years old dude is hot as Hell !