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Down To Earth Guy Bruno Cartella Jerks Off & Cums

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Bruno Cartella

We have a new guy for you today, Bruno Cartella, and this outgoing go-getter is more than ready to put on a show for you!  Bruno has a natural and genuine charm that instantly wins you over, but if you don’t fall for his cute and unique personality, he’ll win you over with his sexy body and beautiful eyes.  Stripping down, he shows off his tanned and toned physique until he’s butt naked and lying on the couch, ready to get his solo scene underway.  Lubing up, he takes himself in hand and works that dick, massaging it gently as his fingers find their way to his asshole, teasing it a little before he starts to really jerk that cock. 

He moans under his breath as he touches himself, his prick getting harder and bigger as he masturbates himself and plays with his tight little hole, pulling on his big balls and stretching that cock as he continues to run his hands along his sensitive dick.  His hand starts to move faster, working that throbbing hard cock as his breaths come quicker and he gets himself closer to coming.  Legs spread wide open and a thin layer of sweat glistening on his face, Bruno jerks himself until he reaches release, his hot cum flying across his abs and chest as he chases out the very last sensations of his orgasm!

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