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Derek And Bruno Cartella Each Get A Turn To Fuck Each Other

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Bruno Cartella, Derek Cline

Bruno Cartella and Derek Cline have both bottoming a lot recently, so it’ll be interesting to see which one of them tops when we put them together.  Eagerly playing with their cocks before we even start the scene, they’re ready to go when we give the word as they lean together and kiss.  Their dicks are already hard as they make out and undress and Derek goes down on Bruno, really working that prick with his mouth and hand.  His tongue travels up the length of Bruno’s fat cock as Bruno’s hand tangles in Derek’s hair, holding him still while he face fucks him hard before treating Derek to some head next.  Bruno sucks and pulls on Derek’s member with his wet mouth, lips tight around that veiny shaft as Derek sits back and enjoys. 

But Bruno’s skilled mouth has Derek hornier than ever and he bends Bruno over to eat his ass, rimming that hole while he tugs on Bruno’s dick, getting Bruno’s hole good and wet and then pushing his cock into it bareback.  Bruno loves that cock, moaning as Derek slams into him, filling him up with his raw meat as he takes him from different positions.  Bruno plays with his own prick as he gets fucked, letting Derek bend and twist him however he likes just as long as that cock stays inside of him…but he doesn’t get fucked for much longer as Derek moves to straddle Bruno and sit on his dick.  Bruno slides his hard cock into Derek, pounding into him deep and raw as Derek gets on his back and spreads his legs to take it all the way in.  Bruno pulls out and shoots a huge load all over Derek, who strokes himself harder until he cums too and they make out just a little more…

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