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Ethan Steel Playing With Himself To Cum On Camera

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Ethan Steel

New guy Ethan Steel is in the bedroom today ready to show you what he’s got in his pants, and this eager guy is practically stripping down before we even ask him!  Lying on the bed, he reaches for the lube and gets that cock nice and slippery under his boxers, playing with himself as he keeps that dick hidden.  But when those gentle strokes aren’t cutting it anymore, he slips his prick out and wraps his hand around the length, pulling on that shaft as he kneels up on the bed and jerks his dick. 

His cock grows nice and hard in his hand, the pink tip bobbing up and down as he slides his hand over his length, taking his time with himself as he builds up the pleasure, lying back to get more comfortable.  Relaxed on the bed, he continues to touch himself, his large hand wrapped tightly around his even larger dick, pulling and stroking over and over until he closes his eyes tight and lets his cum spill from the tip of his throbbing hard cock, catching his breath as he squeezes the last drops of jizz from his dick.

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