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These Straight Guys Talked About Girlfriends Before Sex

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Bobby Owens, Jos Alvarez

Jos Alvarez and Bobby Owens are in the studio together this time and these guys are ready to bring you some hot sex, locking lips as they lean together for a kiss and Bobby reaches for Jos’s cock.  In a flash, these guys have their clothes off and are on the bed, 69ing as each dude chokes and gags as they suck on the other’s big dick, pushing their cocks deeper into each other’s mouth as they grow throbbing hard against each other’s tongue.  Bobby stands at the end of the bed, pulling Jos’s ass toward him and pushing into him raw and hard, not even giving him time to adjust to his size as he pounds him. 

Shoving his finger into Jos’s mouth he makes him suck on it while he fucks him, dominating Jos’s tight little hole until they flip and it’s Bobby’s turn to take a dick up the ass.  Jos slowly slides his member into Bobby’s hole, filling him up and stretching Bobby’s ass with his thick shaft as Bobby moans underneath him.  They flip again so Jos bottoms for Bobby, getting his ass spanked as Bobby drives his dick balls deep into him, holding Jos’s hands behind his back as he screws him.  That tight ass of Jos’s makes Bobby nut hard, standing up to  shoot it all over Jos’s face and body and then standing back to watch as Jos strokes his own load of hot cum out!

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