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He's Not A Morning Person But Got Up To Fuck A Guy

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Xavier Ryan, Grey Donovan

Xavier Ryan is an early bird, but Grey Donovan is not so an early scene for him is a challenge…but once they get started, Grey seems to have plenty of energy for Xavier after all!  Kissing, they pull off their clothes and Xavier goes down on Grey, sucking his cock until it’s hard and then climbing onto the bed so they can 69, each guy’s mouth stuffed full of sweet cock as they lick and suck each other.  A little oral is all the warm up they need before they’re ready to fuck, Grey topping Xavier first as he pushes his dick into Xavier’s tight hole. 

That bareback prick fills Xavier up and he takes each thrust as Grey gives it to him, pounding him hard and then lying back on the bed to let Xavier have a turn next.  They flip and Grey bottoms for Xavier, moaning as Xavier slams that cock into him, fucking him raw and deep as Grey lies on his back and takes that hard cock before flipping again.  Grey pulls Xavier to the edge of the bed, balls deep in his ass as Xavier plays with himself, dick in hand as Grey pounds him until he cums, pulling out and draining his own prick between Xavier’s ass!

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