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Ari Nucci Pounds The Fuck Out Of Jordan Hart's Hole

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Jordan Hart, Ari Nucci

Ari Nucci has treated Jordan Hart well this week as they’ve gotten to know each other, and now he gets to treat him to something even better, so eager to start that he’s already playing with his big cock!  Jordan leans in to get a taste, wrapping his soft lips around Ari’s dick and letting him fuck his face as Jordan takes himself in hand and strokes his own member.  Jordan swings his hips around, his hardening cock dangling in front of Ari’s face as Ari leans forward, going after Jordan’s ass as he licks and rims and tongues at Jordan’s tight hole. 

Ari slaps Jordan’s ass over and over, Jordan’s pale ass reddening with each smack as he climbs onto Ari’s cock and sits on that waiting dick, his ass opening as Ari’s cock slides deeper.  Jordan rides Ari and then lets Ari fuck him hard, that raw prick slamming into him, splitting him apart as Ari’s balls hit him in the ass.  They change positions, allowing Ari to get even deeper as he pounds Jordan, dominating him as he folds Jordan in half, his hand fisted in Jordan’s hair as he delivers slaps to Jordan’s sore ass and fucks him.  Jordan moans as Ari tosses him across the bed onto his stomach, lying on top of him and taking him again, driving his dick so hard into Jordan, choking him, pulling his hair until he pulls out to cum across Jordan’s back, leaning back to let his submissive little bottom reach his orgasm next, watching as he strokes out his hot jizz.

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