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Buddy Wild Gets His Limits Pushed By Sexy Ari Nucci

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Ari Nucci, Buddy Wild

Newbie Buddy Wild gets his limits pushed by sexy Ari Nucci, who’s here to show Buddy how it’s done, ready to break in this hot new guy.  Ari doesn’t even warm Buddy up with some kisses, instead grabbing Buddy’s neck and pushing his head onto his huge cock, already hard from self-handling as Buddy deepthroats that beast of a prick.  Ari pulls Buddy’s pants off and works his dick with his mouth, but not for long before Buddy is back on Ari’s dick, grabbing it with his lips and getting his face fucked.  When Ari’s worked up and his throbbing cock is standing at attention, Buddy climbs on top and sits on that fat dick, barely used to the size of it before Ari’s pounding him raw

Ari pushes his cock up into Buddy’s tight, sore hole, dominating that ass until Buddy is ready to get revenge and they flip, Buddy pushing Ari onto his side and sliding his bareback length into Ari.  Ari bottoms like a pro, taking Buddy’s member and letting it stretch him out as he gets fucked and fingered, his own long cock bouncing as Buddy destroys his hole.  They try a new position, allowing Ari to reach around and jerk his cock while he gets fucked and the sight of Ari working his dick with Buddy buried inside him pushes Buddy over the edge and he pulls out to cum on Ari’s balls, sitting back and letting Ari stroke out his own bliss next!

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