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Xavier Ryan Gets His Cute Little Ass Pounded Hard By Ari Nucci

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Xavier Ryan, Ari Nucci

Ari Nucci is already hard before the scene even starts, but that horny guy is pretty much always hard and horny so it’s no surprise, so we’ve got Xavier Ryan in the studio with him today to help get this horny guy some relief!  Xavier reaches for Ari’s cock, stroking it gently and then taking it in his mouth as he sucks on Ari’s sweet shaft and Ari climbs on top of Xavier to face fuck him hard.  Xavier takes that cock in his mouth as Ari dominates him, 69ing as they both get their dicks sucked and then Ari bends Xavier’s ass up in the air, spanking that cute little ass as he fingers it. 

But Xavier doesn’t want Ari’s fingers, he wants that big cock and Ari doesn’t keep him waiting as he pushes his cock inside and fucks Xavier hard and deep, not even letting his ass adjust to Ari’s prick before pounding him.  Ari tops Xavier every which way, taking Xavier however he wants him as he throws him around the bed, fucking him hard and deep as Xavier moans for more of that amazing dick.  Ari pulls Xavier’s hair and slaps his ass as he destroys that hole, his balls slamming against Xavier’s taint as he fucks him and then makes Xavier take a face full of his cum when he nuts hard.  Xavier lies back and strokes out his own load, completely exhausted from the pounding he just took!

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