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Ricky Daniels Gets Xavier Hard & Starts Sucking On Him

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Xavier Ryan, Ricky Daniels

Xavier Ryan and Ricky Daniels bring some sexy energy onto the set as they get their scene underway, kissing as Ricky strips off his pants and things get steamy pretty quick.  Xavier climbs on top of Ricky, balancing above him as he plants kisses across his body, his mouth working up Ricky’s leg until it finds that eagerly awaited cock, pulling it out and taking it between his lips.  His wet mouth works that prick until Ricky is hard as fuck, then Xavier whips out his big fat cock and Ricky sucks on it and then pulls Xavier’s legs up to reveal that tight pink ass as Ricky traces his tongue along it. 

Rimming his hole and sucking his cock and balls, Ricky gets Xavier hard in seconds and then brings him onto his lap to let Xavier fill his empty hole up with that pulsing hard cock.  Riding him reverse cowboy, Xavier adjusts to that dick and takes it like it a pro before Ricky changes positions, posing Xavier exactly how he wants him as he dominates Xavier’s ass raw and hard.  Flipping Xavier onto his back, Ricky pounds him as Xavier grabs for his own member and jerks it until he’s shooting his load with Ricky’s cock balls deep in him.  A few more good thrusts into that tight, sore hole and Ricky pulls out to nut next, spraying his cum onto Xavier as they both catch their breath and exchange one more kiss.

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