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Jason Sterling Gets Fucked Hard By Danny Cruz

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Jason Sterling, Danny Cruz

Danny Cruz and Jason Sterling share a few hot kisses before Jason moves his mouth down to Danny’s cock, sucking that dick and then undressing himself so he can get some head, too.  He thrusts his hard cock down Danny’s throat, his hand on the back of Danny’s head as he has Danny deepthroat his meat while he reaches down to stroke Danny’s dick.  When these boys are hard and ready to fuck Jason climbs on top of Danny, straddling him and slowly sitting down on his erect prick as he moves his ass up and down, grinding on that hard cock. 

Danny pulls Jason closer to him and fucks him raw and deep, pounding him as Jason lies on top of him taking every inch of his long cock.  They try another position as Jason kneels on the bed, ass in the air as Danny fills his hole up with that big dick, fucking him hard and making Jason moan then turning him over onto his back and taking him again.  Jason spreads his legs wide, letting Danny deep inside of him as Jason plays with himself, making himself cum and then tasting Danny’s jizz as he nuts on Jason’s mouth and face!

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