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Danny Cruz Jerks Off

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Danny Cruz

Danny Cruz is a little nervous to be sitting in front of the cameras preparing to jack off, but as we slowly talk him out of his clothes his nerves calm down a bit and he’s ready to kick off his solo scene! He grabs his dick and starts to rub it, running his hand up and down his shaft and lying on the bed as he makes himself more comfortable.  He gets harder as he touches himself, that nice cock getting long and thick as he turns over and grinds his hips against the bed while he masturbates.

The more he plays with that hard dick the more he moans, turning onto his back and sticking a finger up his ass while he continues to pull on that throbbing prick.  His toes curl as he makes himself feel so good, eyes closed tight as he enjoys the feeling of his big hands running over his shaft. As he gets closer to orgasm, his breaths come faster and his sexy body tenses until he finally unleashes a wave of hot cum all over himself, rubbing it across his skin as he catches his breath!

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