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Brad Gemini Gives It To Xavier Ryan Hard And RawAdd Movie to your Favorites
Xavier Ryan, Brad Gemini

Brad Gemini likes to get a little kinky and it doesn’t seem like Xavier Ryan minds it much as Brad licks and kisses Xavier’s feet and then makes out before pulling Xavier’s pants off and wrapping his lips around that cock.  Xavier’s dick gets good and hard as Brad works it with his mouth and then lies back and lets Xavier get a mouthful of his prick next, making him deepthroat that big cock over and over until he chokes on it.  When Brad’s hard as fuck Xavier climbs onto his lap and sits on that erect prick, grinding his hips against Brad as he rides him hard and raw and then lets Brad take him hard as he gets Xavier on his back and pounds him. 

Brad slams his hard shaft into Xavier’s sore hole, wrapping his hand around Xavier’s neck as he fucks him bareback, making Xavier moan as he takes every inch of that fat dick.  Xavier turns over to bottom for Brad doggy style, Brad’s balls slapping against Xavier’s ass as he dominates him and then lets him stroke out a big load onto the bed.  Brad gets in a few more good thrusts before he pulls out of Xavier’s tight little hole and nuts all over his ass, sticking his cock back inside and licking the cum off Xavier before leaning in for a quick kiss!

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