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Xavier Starts Off Choking On Jared’s Long Shaft As He Deepthroats

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Jared Marzdon, Xavier Ryan

Jared Marzdon and Xavier Ryan both have a sexy outgoing and charismatic energy, so we know these two will be a good pairing as they bring that energy to their scene!  Jared starts off with a light massage on Xavier’s shoulders before pulling him back on the bed and kissing him, taking Xavier’s pants and boxers off and wrapping his mouth around Xavier’s already hard cock.  Jared licks his balls and runs his fingers across Xavier’s tight little hole as he works that dick with his mouth and then pulls his own underwear off to let Xavier suck his prick.  Xavier chokes on Jared’s long shaft as he deepthroats it, getting Jared’s big veiny cock hard as fuck before lying back on the bed and getting a rimjob from Jared.

Jared runs his tongue up and down Xavier’s asshole and taint as he gets him nice and wet and then pushes his thick cock in that hole, filling Xavier up with his meat as he pounds him deep and raw. Xavier begs for it harder and faster and Jared gives him what he wants, spitting on his cock for some extra lube as he dominates Xavier’s tight ass.  He flips Xavier over and takes him doggy style, slamming his hard prick into Xavier’s ass and making those cheeks bounce as he fucks him and makes Xavier groan. As Jared slams his cock into that ass, he pulls out and cums all over Xavier and then gives his dick some good sucks before jerking the jizz out of Xavier’s throbbing cock, catching some of that hot cum in his mouth!

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