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Jacob Durham Fucks Oliver Saxon Raw

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Oliver Saxon, Jacob Durham

Jacob Durham and Oliver Saxon are ready to cum this morning, and these boys get right to it as they exchange a few kisses before Jacob goes down on Oliver, sucking that sweet cock.  Oliver watches as Jacob chokes on his fat dick and licks his balls while he plays with his own hard cock, and once he’s got Oliver ass prepped for a good fucking he fills it up with his long bareback shaft and pounds Oliver hard!  Oliver moans as he gets his ass stretched by Jacob, who just can’t seem to get deep enough in that tight hole as he fucks Oliver raw

Jacob flips Oliver over and licks his ass, fingering and rimming Oliver’s sore hole and then shoving his big dick back inside it as he fucks Oliver and then takes a break from his ass-pounding to get some head.  Jacob gets assertive as he tells Oliver exactly what he wants and Oliver does his best to deepthroat Jacob’s fat prick then gets turned upside down and gets his cock sucked by Jacob before they fuck some more. Jacob claims that ass as Oliver works his cock until he cums all over himself and then Jacob pulls out and gives Oliver a facial and a taste of his jizz to finish things off!

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