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Gage Owens Fucks Oliver Saxon Bareback

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Gage Owens, Oliver Saxon

Gage Owens is late showing up for his scene with Oliver Saxon, but lucky for him Oliver is a patient guy and is waiting there when Gage finally walks in.  But after all that waiting Oliver is in no mood to waste more time, they dive right in, kissing and undressing…until Gage decides he needs a quick shower!  When he comes out of the bathroom cleaned up and ready to fuck, he finds Oliver asleep on the bed and decides to wake him up the best way he knows how…with a cock in the face and a rimjob.  Gage licks and fingers Oliver’s ass gently while he sleeps, and when he still isn’t waking up Gage takes it upon himself to lube up his cock and slowly slide it into Oliver’s ass. 

He fucks him raw, claiming that ass for a while before Oliver wakes up to the feeling of his backside filled with Gage’s huge prick.  Gage turns around, his dick never leaving Oliver’s tight hole, and makes out with Oliver, kissing his neck and back as he strokes Oliver’s cock and fucks his ass.  Gage bends Oliver’s legs up and holds them in place as he drives his cock into that sweet ass until Oliver cums hard.  Then Oliver climbs on top and rides Gage’s dick, only taking a break from fucking to suck that cock some more.  They try another position on the floor and Gage’s hard cock makes Oliver cum onto his own face and then Gage gives him a facial too.  And it’s not until after those hot cumshots that Oliver is shaken awake by Gage…was it all really just a wet dream?

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