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Jacob Gets A Sore Ass From Rowan Adams Hardcore Fucking

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Rowan Adams, Jacob Durham

Rowan Adams is a pretty quiet guy so Jacob Durham hasn’t gotten the chance to know him too well…yet!  Once these guys start their scene though, they’ll get a whole lot closer than they’ve ever been!  They start with some kisses and then Jacob goes down on Rowan, deepthroating that hard dick and Rowan pushes is farther into his mouth and then bends Jacob over and rims that tight hole. 

Rowan pushes his finger into Jacob’s tight entrance, getting him prepared for Rowan’s cock as he gets Jacob’s ass wet and then slides his big dick inside of it, fucking Jacob hard from behind as Jacob begs for more of that sweet cock!  Rowan pushes Jacob into the bed as he pounds him raw, wrapping his hand around Jacob’s throat as he dominates that ass and then gives Jacob’s sore hole a break as he gets down to suck Jacob’s cock.  Jacob pushes his dick down Rowan’s throat and earns some spankings for that move, and when Rowan buries his prick in Jacob’s ass again it’s not long before both these guys are cumming hard and Jacob finishes the scene with his ass filled with cum!

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