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Benjamin Dover Fucks Gage Owens Bareback

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Gage Owens, Benjamin Dover

Newbie Benjamin Dover is ready to see what it’s like to take Gage Owen’s tight ass, and the way he kisses Gage and runs his hands all over Gage’s body, it doesn’t seem like he’s too shy about wanting it!  Benjamin strips down and Gage goes after that dick, sucking on that fat cock before letting Benjamin get a taste of his own juicy meat.  Benjamin gives Gage head, deepthroating his shaft and earning a moan from Gage as he shoves that cock all the way down his throat. 

Now that these studs have had some fun with oral, they’re ready for to fuck and Gage climbs on top of Benjamin and lowers his ass onto that erect bareback cock, riding it so good that it makes Benjamin come hard in a matter of minutes!  Benjamin squeezes every last drop of jizz from the tip of his dick before lying down next to Gage and kissing him, helping Gage stroke his dick and going down on him again until Gage is ready to shoot his load!

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