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Gage Owens And Lucas Ryder Take Turns Cocksucking

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Gage Owens, Lucas Ryder

Gage Owens and Lucas Ryder make out, their mouths kissing patterns all over each other until Gage goes right for Lucas’s cock.  Pulling that dick out, Lucas lets Gage suck on his dick and balls, watching as Gage works that cock until it’s pulsing hard.  When Gage stands up, Lucas grabs for Gage’s shaft, playing with it before going down on him.  Gage thrusts his cock up into Lucas’s mouth as he sucks on it but Gage isn’t done with Lucas’s dick as he goes in for a second helping. 

Gage sits back in the chair and grabs Lucas’s veiny shaft, gripping it hard as he works that dick with his warm, wet mouth.  Lucas moans for more as Gage turns him around and tastes that sweet ass next, his tongue licking and rimming Lucas’s tight little hole as Lucas strokes his own hard cock.  As they get closer to cumming, they fall back onto the couch and jerk and suck each other off until they’re both covered in hot jizz

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Lucas Ryder and Gage Owens.

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