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Diesal, Steven, Ethan

Ethan and Diesel did such a great job in the last shoot that they were in that I wanted to bring them back in for another shoot. I told them to come back the next day and I would have a surprise in store for them. When Diesel and Ethan arrived at the studio I had them take a seat on the couch and then I had Steven come in from the back room and also take a seat on the couch. Pressing record on the camera I wanted to try capturing the reaction on their face as to the idea of the shoot that I had. In talking to the guys about how they spent the money that they made the last time they were hear, Ethan said that he spent his money on pot. Then, Steven went on a shopping spree with his paycheck. Diesel went shopping with his, but it was on grass as well. Damn, these boys keep spending their money on grass they might be back in here more often than I think. Bringing up the money that I talked about the last time that they were here, and I told them about the plan that I had for the shoot. I wanted both Ethan and Diesel to fuck Steven for $2000, and Steven our bi boy was going to make the same for doing the shoot. All of them agreed to the terms of the shoot, and all we had left was to get started. Steven was a little nervous about the shoot, because this was the first real dick in his ass. Standing up, they stripped off their clothes, and Ethan took more of his time in taking off his clothes. The guys took a seat on the couch and started to play with their cocks a little bit to get hard. Putting on a dvd, both Ethan and Diesel were rock hard, and the nerves were still getting to Steven. Dropping to his knees Steven was happy to start sucking Ethans dick to take the pressure off of getting hard. After a few minutes, Ethans dick was standing straight up. Moving over to Diesel, Steven got started, but I mentioned to them that Ethan could get in there also and start sucking. The two of them licked, sucked, and played with Diesels cock. Diesel let out some moans to show that he was enjoying it, and he closed his eyes and kept his hands behind his head. They went like that for a few minutes and then I had Ethan take a seat on the couch. It was now, Steven and Diesels turn to give the head to Ethan. Diesel does not like to give head at all, but he did it for the money. Changing to the fucking we had them get into place, and make the couch into a bed. Looking at dick sizes I told Ethan that he would go first with Steven to warm him up for Diesel. Ethan wasnt very gentle in that he shoved his cock up Stevens ass. Steven was moaning really load, so Diesel put his cock in Stevens mouth to quiet him down a bit. Diesel was rock hard, and in watching the other two guys go at it, he got up to get a condom. Diesel moved behind Steven in doggie style, and pushed his dick in. I knew that it was going to take a while for Steven to relax to allow that monster of a cock deep inside him. Diesel tried to pick up some kind of a rhythm to his fucking. When the pain got too hard for Steven to take he put Ethans cock in his mouth to hide the pain. Changing things up to see if they would get a little more comfortable, Steven rolled over on his back. In this position, Diesel was able to fuck a lot easier. Ethan didnt get left out his balls got licked by Steven as well. The guys kept going, and I wasnt going to stop them from putting on such a good show. All of a sudden, Ethan shot a massive load all over Stevens chest and stomach. Diesel pulled out and started jerking off. It wasnt long before he came as well, blowing his load all over Steven. With being all covered in cum, Steven was turned on and came on himself. All three guys got off, and did a great job. Diesel said that fucking a guy in the ass was very tight. The guys joked around, and headed towards the bathroom to get cleaned up and take showers. We will see which ones we will bring back in here for more work.

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