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Shane Hale, Kent Day

Kent was still down here on his vacation with his girlfriend in south Florida. I called him up to see if he wanted to squeeze in another shoot while he was down here, and he agreed to it. When he came by, I decided to pair him up with Shane, who was 21, and gay. Kent's girlfriend still only thinks that he is going for a jog or to the gym for a quick workout when he comes to do the shoots. In talking about the shoot and what I wanted to see, it didn't seem like Kent was down for any fucking to go on. I was a little disappointed and I am sure that the members will be as well. However, Kent did agree to do some oral for us, again for a price. In starting the shoot, I remembered that he had those nasty wounds on his arm that I had to look out for and so I would more than likely work with only a couple of different angles.

Both guys stood up to get undressed and Kent was in his normal jogging attire. Shane got down to his little pair of briefs and everyone in the room took notice to them. In addressing how good they looked on his body, and the color they were. After he stripped them off, he took a seat on the couch next to Kent. Kent was slapping his cock around, and I told him about the guy we had on broke straight boys that shoved a bottle up his ass. He didn't really want to hear about any of the kinky stuff that we had happen. The two of them kind of played around with their own cocks a little bit and then Shane was ready to start giving head. I know that Kent liked to receive oral from guys, and he said that he didn't mind as long as the guys knew what they were doing. Shane was able to keep him hard the whole time, and did a little deep-throating as well. He got Kent to moan and talk a lot, but in that happening caused Shane to hack up.

Kent noticed that there was lint on Shane's cock from his underwear, and I told him that he should lick it off for us. He didn't really argue, about getting started with him giving oral. He took the cock in his mouth for a second, and then paused to stroke it. The straight guys do this to stall in having to do too much of the dick sucking. This time for the shoot, Kent was much better at giving the oral. However, I didn't make him do it for too long, and Shane was happy to get back to servicing him. Kent reached around Shane's body and started to stroke and play with his cock. The two of them were starting to get into the shoot without me really having to play much a part in directing. Going for a second try, Kent went back to sucking on Shane's cock until he got out of breath.

I had the two boys stand to face each other, and they played with their cocks a little bit. Sword fighting and comparing sizes were some of the things they did. Standing there I had them jerk off, because I wanted to see them blow a load on my table. It became very clear to me that Shane was going to go first, and he came all over the table shooting some real distance. He was happy and to see that he got some all the way across the room on the floor. I told Kent that he needed to try and keep up with that load size. He jerked a little slower, but would seem to get there in a little bit of time. Shane played with Kent's nipples to see if that would turn him on. As soon as Kent got turned on, and having his orgasm he yelled out, "fuck!" His load went right over Shane's, and it was hot to see him blow everywhere. I told him that I would love to see him squeeze in anymore shoots while he was down here. I will see if he will do just one more for us still.

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