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Friends Take Things To A New Level & Have Gay Sex

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Shane Hale, Chad Holts

Chad who is 19 years old and Shane who is 21 years old are friends, and have been talking about doing some work together. Really the topic that they brought up with me on the phone was that they wanted to have a threesome with a straight guy. I explained to them that I could arrange for that to happen if they wanted to do some work for our site. If they had some chemistry together that would make a threesome scene flow a little easier when we do it. Both guys agreed to come in and do a duo shoot for me, to get to do the threesome. We arranged for them to come into the studio, and Chad has done shoots for us before doing a great job in everyone. I loved the opportunity to have him come back for some more work. After the guys arrived at the studio I had them take a seat on the couch and I just started rolling. We walked through everything on camera and I also did this to refresh their memories on how things would go. I told them that I had Kent, a straight, college/frat type, lined up to do a shoot with them if everything went well in the shoot. Since the two of them are gay, I knew that I could have something happen that we don't get a lot of here on broke straight boys and that is kissing. Leaning in their lips started to touch and the tongues started to play. I noticed that Shane had his tongue pierced as the kissing happen, and had them start to get undressed as well. Standing up in front of me, the shirts were peeled off, and I was able to see Shane's tats on his back. Kissing in their underwear the boys looked like eye candy for the camera. With light touching, and stylish underwear the scene was starting to begin. Chad dropped to his knees in front of Shane to pull down his underwear and begin pleasuring him with just his mouth. Taking the soft cock in his mouth, Chad started to use his skills to make Shane's cock start to grow. Pulling away Chad returned to his feet, and happily Shane took his turn on his knees. Chad was already rock hard, and Shane was great at using that tongue ring. The moaning coming from Chad made it clear that he was enjoying the blow job. They were great at teasing each other and having a good time without me having to direct them. With all the sucking that they were doing I wanted to make sure that we were going to get some fucking in before they were ready to blow their load. I stopped the camera and the two decided that Shane was going to get fucked. He warned me that it had been a really long time since the last time that anything had been up his ass. I told him that we would take it slow, but maybe that we need to start out with some fingering in order to get the fucking comfortable for Chad. Pushing a finger in Shane's asshole, Chad was sure to take things slow to start out. As he got his finger up inside Shane, he described how tight it was. We then started the attempt at the fucking, and so Chad put a condom on. Once the cock was inside, they started to moved together to try and get into a moment. Reaching around with his hand, Chad jerked Shane off to try and get him excited and turned on to make him relax for the fucking. After a few minutes they were able to fuck like rabbits, and go very fast. Changing positions Shane wanted to try something a little more comfortable on his knees, so I had him go on his back. They were able to do some more fucking, but Chad said that he was too close to cumming. Right away I moved in close for the cum shot, and he came on Shane's hand and stomach. I was able to show the great load, before Shane really started to stroke his cock. It took him a few minutes of him jerking off, but he too came on his stomach. The boys were tired, but leaned in for one last kiss to close the scene. I reminded them that we would have them back with Kent.

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