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Gay Guys Help Straight Guy Get Off By Sucking His Cock

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Shane Hale, Chad Holts, Kent Day

Chad and Shane did such a great job together that I wanted to bring them back to do another shoot with us like I had promised them. I told the two of them that I had Kent a straight guy that I hoped would have sex with them. I called Kent into the room and he was a little curious as to what was going on for the shoot. He knew that I hoped to put him in some straight work, and so when I asked him to come in he thought it was going to be with girls. However, I told him that I was going to have him do a shoot with these guys, because it would fulfill their fantasy of being with a straight guy. Both Shane and Chad really liked Kent and were cheering him on to do the shoot with them. We went back and forth on what was going to happen in the shoot. When it came down to it, there wasn't going to be any fucking, but oral all around. Starting the shoot off, I had Kent stand in front of the two of them to get undressed. Chad and Shane were enjoying the little stripper show that they got. As soon as Kent was naked he took a seat in between the two of them, and then it was the gay boys turn to get undressed. Everyone was naked on the couch, and I had them work on getting hard for the camera so that we could get underway. The gay boys didn't have any trouble getting hard, and Kent was having a little issues getting hard. I asked the boys to start to play with Kent's dick. Their hands started to move around his package, and Kent just enjoyed the touching. With his cock getting stroked and his nipples being played with Kent was enjoy everything. Leaning over Chad took Kent's cock in his mouth and Shane licked his nipples. Chad is one of the better cock suckers that I have, so I knew that he could keep a cock rock hard. Kent was moaning from pure pleasure, and then Shane took a turn at sucking his cock in hopes that his tongue ring would bring on those moans as well. Both guys got down there and sucked his cock at the same time, and had fun doing it. Kent complimented them, and they just kind of paused for a second. I asked Kent if he would go head and return the favor to the boys for giving him such great head. Starting with Shane, Kent bent over and took his raging cock in his mouth and started to go down on it. Kent wasn't doing to bad of job at giving head, before he switched and went over to Chad's cock. Chad is a little player, so he pushed down on the back of Kent's head and neck while he was giving head. Kent tried to keep the cock lubed up so that his lips would slide up and down a little easier. I told them that I would get out the lube and condoms and Kent said that he wasn't down for any kind of fucking going on. I pulled out a dildo, and asked the guys to play with Kent's ass with a toy. Continuing to stroke their cocks, I wanted them to get ready to get off. With three guys it was like a waiting game to make sure that I don't miss out on anyone of them going at any time. However, the guys seemed to be stroking at different speeds, so I knew that Shane seemed to be on the faster track than the rest of them. He moaned really loud and then the cum started to flow. He came a great size load, and was starting to relax when Kent got spit all over himself. Kent said that he was close to going, but when Shane touched his thigh I think that set him back a little bit. Chad came on his hand, and said that he farted at the same time that he came. Now, all eyes went to Kent to get off, and it took forever. However, when he did finish Kent was very loud. He yelled, "fuck" so many times that I lost count. And all three guys did a great job together.

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