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Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy BarebackAdd Movie to your Favorites
Tyler White, Ronan Kennedy

Tyler White and Ronan Kennedy are at odds over who’s got the bigger dick, they drop their pants to try to decide, but Tyler still isn’t convinced. To settle the debate, Ronan suggests they get hard and then see who’s wang is bigger, and there’s no quicker way to get that blood flowing that with oral! Ronan goes down on Tyler, deepthroating his cock and playing with his balls a little as he pulls that dick in and out of his warm mouth until he’s satisfied that Tyler’s cock isn’t going to get much bigger.

Then it’s Tyler’s turn to work Ronan up, and he gets right to it, sucking that sweet cock and doing his best to fit that beast in his mouth. Their dick debate is all but forgotten by now as these guys are just horny and in need of release, so Tyler tops Ronan and lets him ride his cock, moving up and and down on his hard prick as he massages his own meat. Ronan bends over and takes it up the ass from that position, giving Tyler the control as he plows him hard and fucks him raw, sliding that bareback dick so far up Ronan’s ass that he cringes in pain. Ronan focuses on his own cock, stroking one out as Tyler fucks him, then Ronan lets Tyler bust a nut all over him!

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