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Skyler Daniels, Kaden Alexander

Another newbie turns around for quick repeat. Kaden returns to suck some dick. The money earned will be well used.

"Cops like me a lot so they like to give me these tickets, invitations to court," Kaden says to the cameraman. "So I'm going to pay my cover charge to court."

He's sort of nervous, and his scene partner, Skyler, reminisces about his first scene with a guy.

"I felt like crying, but didn't," Skyler says.

When asked what he thinks man meat will taste like, Kaden gives an answer that gets points for originality.

"It will probably taste like skin," Kaden responds. "Cock doesn't have a flavor. Unless it's chocolate."

The professional gives a grin, and gives the newbie a fair warning.

"It tastes a little different than you think," Skyler insists.

The two lose all their clothes and start stroking their sausages. The hand motions get those bones filled with blood (grin). The boys reach over and "help each other out," as it's called by the cameraman. Kaden's doesn't seem too grossed out with his hand on another man's johnson. He even likes the way Skyler's hand feels on his tool. Who wouldn't it?

Look at the expression of pure ecstasy on Kaden's face when Skyler starts sucking. He strokes Skyler's scalp and his baby maker is hard enough to cut diamonds. LOL!

"He gives a better blow job than a chick," Kaden observes.

Skyler tries to deep throat, but that's a nasty big ol' thing. Kaden is so pleased with Skyler's skills he eagerly gobbles up his partner sausage. The newbie
slurps up and down, making sure there is a lot of juice.

"Oh fuck," Skyler whispers.

Skyler doesn't even have any advice to offer the newbie. A high compliment in BSB land. Skyler returns to his sucking duties, making sure to pay attention to Kaden's sensitive tip. Kaden curses occasionally. As for Skyler, his own dick leaks pre-cum.

"I'm about to cum," Skyler announces.

He does more than cum. The first blast lands on Kaden's side! Skyler pulls that sweet mouth off Kaden's knob and the newbie begins to jerk off. As he's stroking, Skyler's rod stays primed even though he just exploded a lot of man seed.

Kaden eventually pops a load, covering his well defined abs in man juice.

In the end, everyone is pleased and it looks like Kaden might be a fixture in the BSB studio. A few of our bottoms might like that very much! :-)

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