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Paul Canon Fucks Shane Ridge's Tight Small Butt Raw

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Paul Canon, Shane Ridge

Hey, Katy? You better bar the door today, sweetie. Shane Ridge is getting that sweet ass tapped by Paul Canon's meat. The cameraman admits to being happy at seeing the newbie take it from behind. "Makes one of us," Shane confesses."I'm not excited at all." Paul is also pleased, but his excitement is from not being a bottom today. Apparently all it took for Shane to agree to put his booty in the air was a meal. "Wined and dined," Paul wonders. "Hell, yeah," Shane retorts. "He's classy like that," the cameraman observes. As for advice for the about to be ex-virgin, Paul says the following: "It only hurts for a minute." How many times, in world history, has a guy said that as he tried to slip his thing in someone's butt hole? :-) The two strip and Paul sucks first. Shane holds Paul's head as the dude laps away. Curly-topped Paul deep throats, and gets that sausage plump. Shane, a considerate scene partner, does reach around and jerks Paul's rod. Paul wipes the spit from his lips and gives Shane a chance to suck on his tool. Shane can't get all of the meat down his throat, but does keep everything sloppy and juicy. Shane tugs at Paul's nuts like he's hoping he'll coat his tongue with man milk. Paul's toes curl from all the attention. It's time for the fucking. Shane assumes the position, doggie style. Paul slathers his johnson with lube. He tires to break that seal, but it's too tight. He gets more lube and the second time is the charm. Shane's hole expands to accept the intrusion. The busted newbie grunts and grabs the sheets. He can't tell if he's in incredible pain or bliss. And Paul isn't treating him like a tender virgin. He's deep dicking him, balls deep with each stroke. Shane gets on his stomach and Paul gets back in. That tight hole being made sloppy with each down deep slam. Shane curses in the bed sheet, but takes the pounding. His fleshy butt cheeks shake from the fucking. "Oh, dude," Shane moans. When Paul puts Shane on his side, the bottom boy's face is red and his dick is hard. Paul enters for a final ride, splitting Shane open like a peach. There might be pain, but all that joy button pounding gets Shane to shoot first. His load lands all over the black sheets. Paul immediately pulls out and jerks a nut that covers the opening of Shane's hole and his nuts. "Holy shit, guys," the cameraman says when there's no more nectar flying about. A proper response, no? :-)

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