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Griffin Matthews Fucks Kyle Johnson In The Ass

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Griffin Matthews, Kyle Johnson

Griffin Matthews and Kyle Johnson are back in the warm confines of BSB. They pushed past a few boundaries in their first video together. Today, Kyle will open his booty up for some traffic. "I'm kind of nervous," Kyle says to the cameraman. "I've never had that done before." Griffin has fucked a guy before, but he was drunk. This will be his first sober man rutting. LOL! "Kind of curious on how things turn out," Griffin says. So are we, Griffin! So are we! LOL! The nervous newbies strip. Griffin sucks meat first. Notice how Kyle pushes his hips forward. Someone likes Griffin's warm mouth. Griffin chokes on Kyle's meat as the about to be busted bottom face fucks him. "Take it all," Kyle whispers. Griffin licks the tip, his mouth filled up with pre-cum. "Look at me as you're sucking my dick," Kyle orders. Should you be so pushy to a hung dude who is about to stuff your ass? :-) Griffin follows orders, even gives Kyle's balls a tongue bath. A considerate top is so hard to find nowadays. :-) "A nice warm mouth," Kyle observes. If you're going to receive, it's only fair to give. :-) Kyle hits his knees and takes on Griffin's meat. He gobbles up what Griffin has to offer, the slurping sounds mixing in with Griffin's moans. The soon to be top leans back, grabbing the top of Kyle's head to guide him to the prize. "Yeah, that's really good," Griffin notes. Notice how Griffin shakes when his shaft is licked? "Look up at me and take it as deep as you can," Griffin gently orders. Kyle can only go half-way, but Griffin doesn't complain. The main event has arrived. Kyle gets on the chair, his ass pointing in Griffin's direction. Griffin gets some lube and puts some in Kyle's hole. "You're a little tight, aren't you," Griffin asks. That's OK, Griffin. You'll open that ass up soon. LOL! Griffin saddles up, and slowly enters. Bare. Kyle grunts but takes it like a man who needs dick. Griffin pounds deep and long, and Kyle moans to the heavens. "Oh, my god," Kyle whimpers. The initial shock wears off, and Kyle needs that sausage to fill him up. "It's so deep," Kyle moans. Just the way you like it, baby. LOL! The fucking gets more vigorous, the sound of flesh against flesh. "Show me who's boss," Kyle demands. Griffin does, slapping those cheeks as he strokes away. He grabs Kyle's hips and fuck away, like that hole is moist pussy. "That's the g-spot," Kyle groans. Maybe it is moist pussy. LOL!!! Kyle gets on his back, his tool hard enough to beat a drum. When Griffin reenters, Kyle doesn't offer resistance. He knows Griffin owns his ass. As for Griffin, he's marking Kyle as his pass around party bottom. "That's so deep," Kyle cries. All of this fucking proves too much for Kyle. His first stream of cum reaches his shoulder. Kyle may have shot his load, but Griffin wants him to remember this moment. He pumps away until his seed gets deposited in Kyle's abused hole. When he finally pulls away, some of Griffin's nectar drips out of Kyle's boy pussy. Has BSB discovered it's new pass around bottom? Which big dicked studs should Kyle a beef injection? :-)

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