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Brandon Beal & Kyle Johnson Flip Fuck Asses Raw With Creampie

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Brandon Beal, Kyle Johnson

Brandon Beale and Kyle Johnson start out romancing in this update. Their smooching sounds fill the studio. As they suck face, the lads take off each other's clothes. When only their skivvies remain, both show tents! Who said kissing doesn't make you hard? :-) They kiss and tug their tools through the underwear. Kyle pulls Brandon's shorts off, and gets on his knees. The sound of kissing is replaced with Kyle lapping Brandon's bone. Kyle is on that meat like he must have it. "Oh, my God," Brandon whispers. He guides Kyle by putting a hand on the back of Kyle's head. No need really. Kyle knows where his prize is. "Suck on my hard dick," Brandon orders. There's a lot of meat, so Kyle doesn't deep throat. But Brandon makes up for that by fucking Kyle's pretty mouth. Watch how the spit, and pre-cum, dribbles out of Kyle's mouth and lands on the floor. "Rub my balls," Brandon commands. He brings Kyle up for some kissing, which Kyle returns with passion. Then it's Brandon's turn to suck pole. "It feel's so good," Kyle says. Brandon licks the head and gobbles up and down the shaft. He even deep throats, at Kyle's suggestion. "Oh, fuck yeah. That's good," Kyle moans. Kyle's cock has never strained this much since he's been with BSB. "There you go. You' re hitting the spot," Kyle notes. Brandon's perky ass will get plugged first. He grabs the chair, and Kyle saddles up behind him. Once he's in, bare, the pounding is deep and long. Brandon might be groaning like he's being split in half, but when he tells Kyle to "smack his ass" you know the stud is in bottom heaven. "Fuck that's tight," Kyle groans. He gives those sweet cheeks another slap, making sure Brandon takes it all. "My turn now," Brandon says. Kyle gets on the bed, like a good doggie (smile). Brandon slathers lube on his sausage and enters in a slow motion. Poor Kyle. He can't himself. Gives a satisfied bottom boy sigh. :-) Brandon is stuffing that ass up and Kyle is loving it. "Fuck that hole," he whimpers. Kyle encourages Brandon to give it to him, and Brandon is a polite boy. He does exactly that. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio. There's more kissing when Kyle gets on his back. This position permits Brandon to plunge deeper. Kyle's johnson is rock hard as Brandon has his way with him. "Look at me," Brandon orders. He picks up the speed and Kyle takes every inch. He calls to the gods and the fist jizz from his cock splatters his chest. Brandon pulls out and strokes a load that literally covers Kyle's butt cheeks and hole. Brandon makes sure to take some of that juice and put it in Kyle's boy pussy. The guys kiss and it's all over. Whew! LOL

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