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Brandon Beal Fucks Griffin MatthewsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Brandon Beal, Griffin Matthews

Look who is relaxing on the BSB bed: Brandon Beal and Griffin Matthews. Trouble is bound to be
around the corner if these two are in the same room.

The cameraman notes that outside of both being sexy as hell, Brandon and Griffin share a common
passion: cars! There is a suggestion about an automobile project, but that's going to be hard to do if
no vehicle is around. :-)

Today is the day when Griffin's ass will receive a hot meat injection from Beal.

"I'm a little nervous and a little excited to see how it is for the first time," Griffin admits.

Apparently Griffin's gal needs to be inebriated before she lets him fill her booty. Makes sense,
considering the dude's size. LOL!

Brandon offers the best advice about getting busted.

"It sucks at first. Relax, and it happens. Then you get it over with," Brandon offers.

Another motto in the making! LOL!

The two strip. When the clothes are gone, Griffin sucks first. He tugs at Brandon's bone, getting it
hard and stiff.

"Oh, yeah," Brandon encourages.

Griffin gets into it, stroking his own tool. He laps Brandon's nuts and deep throats. Sure he gags, but
he doesn't let that keep him away from his duty. Want to know how sexed up Griffin is? His toes are
curling as he's sucking.

"All right. My turn," Brandon says.

He puts his head in Griffin's lap and blows away. Griffin's shaft gets all shiny with spit.

"Oh, shit dude," Griffin moans.

Soon enough, it's time for the main event. Griffin gets on his hands and knees. Brandon puts lube on
his tube steak. When he his head gets in the hole, Griffin's body shakes from the shock. Soon it's ball
deep stroking, with Griffin holding on. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio.

"Oh, my God," Griffin whimpers.

He might be feeling some pain, but his dick tells the story. It is sticking straight out.

Griffin gets on his back, those fine hairy legs in the air. Brandon gets his johnson back in. He even
jerks Griffin's big ol' cock. Brandon pulls Griffin's thighs apart so he can get more booty.

"Take that dick," Brandon commands.

Griffin's joy button can take only so much pounding. The sexy lad shoots so hard he almost gets a
self facial.

Brandon stands over Griffin, whose soft tongue is sticking out. When the top stud nuts, his load lands
on Griffin's tongue and mouth.

"Now swallow for me," Brandon says.

The bottom boy gulps all the man nectar down. Tasty!

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