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Braden Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.39/5

In his own words:

"Ready to cum!"

Our comments:

"Braden has a smooth bod, has a cocky attitude and likes to flaunt his body."

Producer comments:

"Bradan kept on insisting he was straight and he would remind us often."

  • Let's All Cum On This Picture Of A Girl

    Braden , Diesal and Mike R are on the futon today in an extra hot oral scene. Watch as the boys compete to see who can drench a picture in cum

  • Best Friends Go Down On Each Other

    Braden and Jeremy are best friends but for enough money, they will go down on each other for the BSB member's pleasure!

  • I Didn't Want To Suck My Buddy

    Braden and Diesal get together on the futon and show each other how much they have learnt at the Broke Straight Boy's cock sucking academy.

  • I've Never Topped Or Bottomed!

    Sean has never topped or bottomed but the problem is Braden will not bottom. So either Sean has to bottom or I have to cancel the scene. Don't miss this hot cherry popping.

  • 3 Way With 3 Hot Straight Studs

    Shane, Braden and Sean do oral today. Watch how Shane teaches Sean how to deep throat Braden's huge cock!

  • $1,700 To Bottom Or $1,000 To Top

    Shane and Braden team up today to give the BSB members a fuck they won't forget. I am paying $1,700 for the bottom and $1,000 to the top. See who makes 1k and who makes a lot more.

  • No Gag Reflex No Sir

    Braden shows Sean how to suck cock for the first time. Watch how well Sean paid attention to his lessons.

  • I'll Take A Dick Every Now & Then

    This is Ashton's first scene for BSB, and along with Braden and Peter. See what these studs do for cash and what kind of trouble they get themselves into.

  • Getting My Cherry Popped

    Peter loses his cherry to Braden's huge cock. See how he does when he loses his ass virginity with another guy and on camera.

  • Peter Can't Suck A Cock

    Peter sucks dick for the first time in this scene. I have seen some bad dick sucking but this guy definitely has never done it before. I try to help him through it so it makes it more enjoyable for Braden.

  • Motorcycle Racer Does Gay Porn

    Peter races motorcycles which is very expensive. On the other side of the couch we have Braden who freaked out in the last scene. See how both of these guys do.

  • Braden Turns Down $1,500 To Bottom

    Braden wants the $1,500 but once I tell him he has to bottom to get it his answer is no way. So I turn to Brian who has bottomed before and he agrees to the $1,500 to bottom.

  • Straight Guy Walks Out Of Studio

    Meet Tommy who is 18 and so nervous he actually walks out of our studio. See if we are able to get this super nervous guy to do anything.

  • Gay Porn Pay Better Than Straight

    These guys tried to apply for straight porn but it didn't pay well at all. It was $100 per scene which is pretty normal for straight porn. That's why they are doing gay porn.

  • I Don't Really Like Sucking Dick

    Brian is bisexual with not much experience with guys. Braden sucked a dick for the first time a few weeks ago but didn't really like it. He is back to do it again because when you're broke you're broke.

  • Hey $20 Is $20 Bucks.

    Check out our new broke straight boy Braden. Let's get him properly warmed up and then let em rip.

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  • cutetxguy75 on 02/23/2024

    Braden posted cock size of 7 inches can’t be right. The director is often commenting on how big he is and I doubt he’d be doing that for a 7 inch dick. That’s one long, thick, hot piece of meat he’s got

    • gingered1970 on 02/08/2019

      Why, Braden. Thou dost protest too much!!!! Mmmmm. 😉😉

      • Gianniplays1 on 08/10/2018

        Disappointing they never got this dude to bottom, he has big dicked power bottom stamped all over him. Dude was rock hard in every scene, zero issues. Too bad - he had a hot ass.

        • superflyricky012 on 03/25/2017

          Bring him back please!!

          • bpr6205 on 02/15/2015

            He has to come to terms with his true sexuality and the fact he is a natural bottom. Sadly he has not done so publically

            • hungrygrl319 on 06/10/2013

              hot as hell!! and braden has a delicious looking cock !!!!

              • LanceHarrell on 01/13/2013

                Watching and listening to Braden pisses me off! He cocky str8 boy attitude sucks.

                • anonymous on 08/29/2012

                  Braden - Shave the goatee. You look sexier without it.