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Aiden Asher Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 170
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.58/5

In his own words:

"I'm really excited to work with you guys, I've been a fan since y'all first started. "

Our comments:

"Aiden loves to work out, eat healthy, and mediate and is an absolute delight to be around. "

  • 3 Way After The Scene

    Our three hot guys lay on the bed and talk about how hot threesomes are. Aiden loves being in the middle and enjoying it all. Connor reveals he likes older men, and Johnny smirks from being able to top.

  • Connor, Aiden And Johnny 3 Way Fun

    Connor and Johnny are back, but this time Aiden wants a piece of the action. Watch as the boys take turns giving each other oral, before Johnny takes it from both ends in this hot three-way scene.

  • 3 Way Before The Scene

    Connor and Johnny return to us, ready for round two. But when Aiden walks in the door and turns things up, things begin to get very interesting.

  • Aiden And Johnny After The Scene

    Johnny tells us how it felt doing a move he calls the “Johnny Pretzel”, and which situations he will be the top in. Aiden tells us what position he likes more, and they end with a shower to continue the fun.

  • He Gets Sausage For Breakfast

    When Aiden asks Johnny what he wants for breakfast, he quickly realizes that he’s the one Johnny wants. Johnny sucks Aiden’s dick nice and deep, before Aiden takes over and makes Johnny’s ass his for the taking.

  • Aiden And Johnny Before The Scene

    How does Johnny react when Aiden shows him all of his balls? We find out when the boys sit down with us and chat, before their clothes come off…

  • Connor And Aiden After The Scene

    Connor showed us that a twink can be a dominant top too. Aiden is very impressed at how he was manhandled. The boys reflect on a hot scene before hitting the showers.

  • Hot Twink Fucks A Stud Jock

    Aiden doesn’t need to convince our new guy Connor to mess around with him, because Connor came ready to show him who’s in charge. He gets the former marine on his knees and gives him a hard pounding with his large cock.

  • Connor And Aiden Before The Scene

    Aiden is back with us, looking more muscular and ready to top…or is he? Our newcomer Connor decides he wants to be in control instead, showing off his huge dick to prove it to us.

  • Bentley And Aiden After The Scene

    Bentley is tired after being dominated by a hot marine. He tells us how he loves having his ass played with, while Aiden shows us how much he loves Bentley’s tattoos.

  • Going To Make You Curl Your Toes

    Muscular newbies Aiden and Bentley warm each other up with their feet and their mouths. Then Aiden turns up the heat by giving Bentley a piece of his marine cock, showing him who’s taking orders.

  • Bentley And Aiden Before The Scene

    Aiden and Bentley are already fondling each other with their feet on the couch. Does one of them have another set of balls? And while both of these boys have played top and bottom, find out who is fucking who this time…

  • Aiden And Richie After The Scene

    Richie is coming off of a major sex high after being rammed by Aiden. Find out who prefers to bottom, and who is almost always the bottom, before they get cleaned up.

  • Aiden Asher Fucks Richie West

    Richie has a thing for taller older guys. Aiden shows him why big bros always know better. It doesn’t take long before this Marine has Richie bent over taking it like a pro, then mounting Richie on the bed giving him every inch.

  • Aiden And Richie Before The Scene

    The hot Marine Aiden is back with Richie, who is excited to be tossed around by him. How early did Aiden have to get up when he served? And what enticing fetish does Richie want Aiden to give him? These boys set up a hot scene ahead.

  • Nico And Aiden After The Scene

    After a passionate and intense fuck, Nico and Aiden tell us about how hot their scene was. Aiden feels like he is in euphoria, and Nico puts his hard-earned cash to good use.

  • Nico Fucking The Sexy Aiden Asher

    When new guys Nico Nova and Aiden Asher strip and begin feeling each other on the futon, things get heated fast as Nico gets his dick sucked by Aiden, and then gets the former marine to give up his ass.

  • Nico And Aiden Before The Scene

    Latin hunk Nico meets the marine Aiden and they quickly get to know each other well. Aiden tells us more about the marines, and Nico tells us how often he pleases himself. Both boys alone are charming. See what else they are when their clothes come off.

  • Getting To Know Gay Porn Guy Aiden Asher

    Our newest model Aiden Asher chats with us about his conservative upbringing, his time in the marines, and the life lessons that helped him become the hunk he is today.

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    Great versatile player among BS' all time bests