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Calhoun Can Barely Get His Cock In Cody's Tight Hole

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Cody Smith, Calhoun Sawyer

Calhoun Sawyer and Cody Smith are already breathless as they kiss hard, Calhoun snaking a hand down to tease Cody’s cock before wrapping his lips around it.  Calhoun doesn’t hold back as he sucks on Cody’s prick, deepthroating it, licking it, choking on it as he takes it deep until it his the back of his throat.  Cody gets a mouthful of Calhoun’s cock next as he goes down on him, drooling all over that fat dick as Calhoun moans with each stroke of Cody’s wet tongue.  When Cody’s skilled mouth has Calhoun hard as fuck, he bends Cody over and stuffs that bareback dick deep inside of Cody’s ass. 

Fucking him hard, he takes him over the bed and then lying on his back, Cody’s legs spread wide open for him as he reaches down and strokes his own dick.  Calhoun watches Cody pleasure himself while Calhoun is inside of him, pumping that raw cock harder until he fucks the cum out of Cody.  Stroking out his own load, Calhoun makes a mess of Cody but leans down to eat that jizz, cleaning Cody up as they both come down from their orgasms!

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Calhoun Sawyer and Cody Smith.

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