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Bobby Owens Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.6 (168cm)
  • Weight: 125 (57 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.5/5

In his own words:

"Sorry for creaming on your couch."

Our comments:

"Bobby is one of our most popular recent models...tall with curly dark hair and a smooth, lean body."

  • Bobby Fucks Newbie Bruno Cartella 01-18-2019

    Watch our veteran, Bobby Owens, breaks in new guy Bruno Cartella with his hard cock after he rims his ass and sucks his dick!

  • Newbie Derek Cline Fucked By Bobby 01-13-2019

    New guy Derek Cline dominated his solo scene and now it's time for him to get dominated by Bobby Owens! He gets his sweet little ass stretched by Bobby's raw shaft!

  • Bobby Pulls Dorians Dick Out 12-21-2018

    Dorian Kross bottoms for Bobby Owens, that bareback cock deep in him as Bobby fucks the cum out of him!

  • Grey's Hole Pounded By Bobby Owens 11-30-2018

    After having some fun with each other, sexy Grey Donovan gets his hole pounded out by Bobby Owens raw!

  • Bobby Owens Fucking Cory Parker Raw 11-09-2018

    Veteran Bobby Owens shows Cory Parker a few new tricks while fucking him!

  • Jos Alvarez And Bobby Owens Flip 10-05-2018

    Sexy Jos Alvarez and Bobby Owens take turns fucking each other. You be the judge who fucks who the best!?

  • Chris Takes Bobby's Raw Cock 09-21-2018

    Bobby is back! This time we pair him with Chris Taylor and Chris takes Bobby's raw cock!

  • James Nearwater Fucks Bobby Owens 08-19-2018

    New guy James Nearwater fucks the experienced Bobby Owens until they both explode!

  • Bobby Is All Over Justin's Ass 08-03-2018

    Bobby Owens is back, fucking Justin Dean in a few positions until he gives Justin a treat by cumming in his mouth.

  • Bobby Owens Fucks John Henry 07-22-2018

    Bobby Owens jabs his hard dick into John. They fuck in various positions until they each explode!

  • Bobby Owens Fucking Brad Steele Raw 07-15-2018

    BSB favorite Bobby Owens sticks his dick deep inside Brad Steele until both young men explode.

  • Bobby Plays With Drake Tyler's Ass 07-01-2018

    Bobby is back! Enjoy watching him rim, finger and fuck Drake Tyler's tight ass!

  • Buddy Wild Dominates Bobby Owens 06-17-2018

    Enjoy watching as Buddy fills Bobby's eager ass up with his thick, raw cock!

  • Ari Taking A Dick In The Ass 06-03-2018

    Ari loves taking a dick in the ass, and today it's Bobby who gets to fuck big guy Ari until they both nut hard!

  • Richie's Sweet Ass Fucked By Bobby 05-20-2018

    Richie gets his sweet little ass dominated by Bobby, who pounds him hard and shoots his load between Richie's ass!

  • Axel Fucks Bobby Owens Tight Ass 05-02-2018

    New to BSB, Axel Kane is here to fuck the long-time member's favorite: Bobby Owens

  • The Return Of Bobby Owens 04-28-2018

    Many of you may remember Bobby Owens, and after taking a 6 year hiatus to travel the world, he's back to line his pockets with some more cash! Catch up with Bobby behind the scenes and see what he's been up to.

  • Bobby Owens Fucks Landon Wells Raw 04-13-2018

    BSB favorite Bobby Owens is back with a whole new look! We hope you all enjoy this throwback favorite fucking Landon Wells bareback!

  • Turnback Tuesday: Lube Wrestling With Mark & Bobby 07-30-2013

    Darren takes control of this scene to be sure Mark and Bobby are all lubed up to wrestle.

  • Turnback Tuesday: How About A Game Of Nut Ball? 07-09-2013

    In this archive update we bring you 3 guys: Mark, Bobby and Darren to play a fun game of "Nut Ball". The point is to throw the ball and try to get your partners dick and balls.

  • Interviewing 01-09-2012

    Watch the newest interview of our Broke Straight Boys.

  • Bobby, Conner, & Anthony 01-07-2012

    The A, B and C of BSB are in bed together for an extra hot and downright fun threesome. Watch as they do a fuck train for our viewing pleasure... also, find out what Bobby does to Anthony and Connor at the very end!

  • Conner & Bobby 12-24-2011

    Connor and Bobby trade oral skills before Connor tests out just how flexible Bobby claims to be. Watch as the boys try a few new things never seen before on BSB!

  • Ross & Bobby 12-17-2011

    Ross is back in the studio and is going to be fucking his first guy; Bobby. First, however, they have some oral fun before Ross fucks the cum out of Bobby!

  • Bobby & Colin 11-21-2011

    Colin and Bobby indulge in some oral foreplay before Bobby punishes Colin's ass in a long and hard fuck. Watch as both boys enjoy themselves in this extra hot update!

  • Bobby & Anthony 11-05-2011

    Bobby and Anthony swap oral skills before Bobby fucks Anthony six ways to Sunday. Bobby shows off some new moves never seen on BSB before!

  • Jimmy & Bobby 10-22-2011

    The ever popular Bobby is back, along with Jimmy. The boys jerk each other off before Bobby practices his deep throating, then, Jimmy fucks Bobby's tight ass. See for yourself how much Bobby loves a cock buried deep in his ass.

  • Bobby & Mark 08-29-2011

    Mark shows off his deep throating skills before Bobby fucks Mark's ass every which way. Watch Mark moan like a bitch for more as Bobby rides his ass hard!

  • Kevin & Bobby 08-25-2011

    Kevin and Bobby indulge in an ultra hot flip-flop that involves both sucking and fucking. Watch how Bobby copes with the biggest cock he's ever taken so far!

  • Bobby & Darren 08-13-2011

    The ever popular Bobby and Darren are in bed together. Find out why Bobby has short hair and see who fucks whom in this ultra hot scene!

  • Jason & Bobby 08-06-2011

    Bobby and Jason do something that has never been done before on BSB before Jason gets to plow Bobby's tight ass. Watch who gets an accidental facial at the very end!

  • Mick & Bobby 07-25-2011

    Who is the most creative between Bobby and Mick? See what they do when given a paintbrush, some paint and told to go wild! You've never seen this before on BSB!

  • Bobby & Mick 07-16-2011

    Bobby and Mick compete against each other to see who can deep throat the best. Who do you think wins the competition and after that, whom fucks who?

  • Bukkake With Boston 07-04-2011

    Boston takes one for the team, volunteering to be a Bukkake Bitch as Jason, Mick, Jamie and Bobby show him what they are made of!

  • Rocco & Bobby 06-25-2011

    Two hot boys, Rocco and Bobby, are in bed together. It's a day of discovery for Bobby as he learns how to suck dick and later, Rocco has the envious task of popping Bobby's cherry!

  • Bobby & Brody 06-18-2011

    One of these boys is going to get fucked today. Which one will it be and where does the load of cum end up? Watch and find out for yourself!

  • Bukkake 06-06-2011

    BSB has never seen this done before! It's exciting! It's different! It's sexy and hot! It's... something you will have to watch right to the very end!

  • Bobby & Rocco 06-04-2011

    Bobby and Rocco go all the way today. See who takes it and who gives it in this extra hot video featuring two of the cutest boys on BSB!

  • Jamie Bobby And Jimmy Take On The Board 05-13-2011

    Watch Jamie, Bobby and Jimmy read and react to some of the members comments.

  • Bobby & Darren 05-12-2011

    Bobby and Darren do something a little different on BSB. Can you guess what they do that totally blows Bobby's mind?

  • Bobby 05-09-2011

    Bobby is hot and is our new broke straight boy. Don't miss his first scene.

Comments - Member's Only

Discuss Bobby Owens with your Twitter followers

  • Blancx on 09/06/2018

    Bobby looks hot but his latest scenes seem meh...

    • Horny90sboi on 07/19/2018

      Love bobby glad he's back thanks guys

      • bsb4fkkuud on 05/03/2018

        not that hot in my opinion

        • bsb48v1qg9 on 04/15/2018

          Bobby Owens is soooo fucking hot. Please keep him coming back for more.

          • sublimecrash on 12/12/2016

            Saw Bobby in a promo vid for Boys Halfway House .. no doubt its him, that tattoo gives him away ... he's still hot

            • raymondo on 11/27/2015

              BRING BOBBY BACK

              • lukeatus on 04/11/2015

                Big fan of Bobby, especially when he bottoms. Would love to see Bobby being spit roasted by two bigger guys :D

                • rufus666 on 06/21/2015

                  Totally agree. Think he's one of your best! Pls have him back.

                • leivas on 02/18/2015

                  Bring back Bobby

                  • coloradohard on 09/11/2015

                    definitely a favorite

                  • Chrome on 12/20/2014

                    I'm a big fan. Please say this guy isn't gone for good? Did he ever do any more porn?

                    • milobrown on 10/10/2014

                      Bobby Owen is that girlfriend's-younger-brother fantasy. He's too lively and charming to ignore. He's totally hot without flaunting it or pushing it on you. He's funny and sorta come-hithery. He strolls around the house wearing almost nothing and he really starts to work on sis's boyfriend Jake. He shows Jake a little too much attention; he even plays one-on-one basketball pretty well. Here's the scenario: when sis and her mom are out shopping and Dad's down at the VFW gettin' his drink on, Bobby and Jake are up in Bobby's room playing video games when suddenly Bobby jumps up and says he's gotta take a shower, so he gets naked and grabs a towel and even spider-crawls over the bed to grab his new loofa . . . (Jake can't resist taking it all in, of course), then exits, and by the time he returns, toweling his hair, smelling really too good as his semi-boner swings from thigh to thigh . . . well, Jake can't take it anymore. It's on! Bobby's the shit!


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