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James Has Never Kissed A Guy & He's Going To Fuck One

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Bobby Owens, James Nearwater

Bobby Owens tells James Nearwater about his own experience as a newbie and getting used to a dick in your mouth, and now it’s James’s turn to try some new things as they get started. With James having never kissed a guy before, Bobby makes the first move, leaning in to show him how it’s done and then working on James’s dick next as he captures it in his mouth and sucks it. Pulling that uncut prick in and out between his lips and rubbing those balls, James grows harder until Bobby pulls back and stands up to let James do some work now. 

Unsure of where to start, James hesitantly takes the tip of Bobby’s cock in his mouth, gripping the shaft with his hand, but as he gets into it, James relaxes and sucks Bobby’s dick and balls before pulling him to the edge of the bed and slowly pushing his bareback prick into Bobby’s ass. James goes nice and easy as he buries himself to the hilt, sheathing his hard cock in Bobby’s hole but that tight entrance makes him want more and he fucks Bobby hard and fast. Pushing Bobby onto his stomach, James tops him, holding Bobby’s hands behind his back as he drives his dick into him, raw and deep until they’re both close to coming.  Pulling out, James lies down next to Bobby and they each stroke their own dick and each other’s until both guys cum hard, new James shooting his load first after enjoying Bobby’s tight ass!

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